Thursday, 26 November 2009


On another blog site much is made of the fact that the conservative leadership is proposing to have a free vote in the commons to decide to keep or not the 'Foxhunting ' legislation.

To get it clear, I have never supported the idea of Foxhunting on horse back with hounds, but I have always supported the idea of a 'cull' of foxes.

After the latest attack on my chickens by the local 'radgel' population I can assure all that the local fox population has indicated that it has weapons of mass destruction and I will be persuing it with the same energy as Mr Blair and his mate George W Bush.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Turkeys/ morrison

Try to buy your festive bird at the turkey retailer of the year?not in margate . Morrisons,turkey retailer of the year,.. do not have any for sale. apparantly its only a local store, so you cannot buy what you want. Do they want us all to go to Westwood Cross?