Saturday, 27 June 2009


Just a quick note to give my apologies for lack of recent posting, but its haymaking time, and I can assure you all the last thing I feel like doing when I come indoors is to fire up the computer.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Internet Shopping

Today I found out that internet shopping has an advantage I had not forseen.

Out shopping for a simple item , 150gm of dried sage (the average tub you find in tesco is about 10gm).

Ramsgate, Margate, and Broadstairs, tried, small shops big shops, butchers and just about anywhere else possible (though not Invicta Motors).

Comment was the same across the board, ' No they've stopped supplying the big jars, you can only get the small ones'.

I noticed the name of one of the suppliers on the small jar, so contacted them on the trusty 'Dell'

Reply came within minutes,' yes we still do the large jars, we will send you one , if you buy three you can have them postage free'. (price for 150 gm, twice the price of the 10gm tub. )

My point is, why do our shop assistants use the 'Easy' excuse, 'They've stopped doing them' and not ask someone further up the 'ladder'?

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

More Road Closures

Hello all, just been informed by Kent Highways that they will be closing St Peters again .

This time its the Gas folk. I do understand that they have to do it, and urgently, but its a bit like buses, they all come at once.

Dates to avoid, toward the end of June. (for two weeks)

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Modern Times

A certain 'Lady' from Devon has been 'Let Off' her Community Payback, because she has to wear high heels. Instead she has been 'tagged' and has a six month 'curfew' order. Result, she feels 'humiliated' and is so angry she says she is going to appeal.

I might have had some sympathy if the original sentance was for TV licence evasion, but the original offences were for failing to provide a breath sample following an accident and two counts of damaging a vehicle.

I cannot see how she can say she will feel humiliated, and use it as a defence, I thought that was the purpose of Community Payback. Perhaps she should wear dayglo overalls as well

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Politics Are Back.

South Thanet has a question to be asked. When you get old should you have to sell your home to pay for your medical care (not just nursing care)?

If you answered YES then vote for Labour.

In an interview today Dr Ladyman announced that a way out of the funding gap that faces the NHS is to make old folk sell their hard won homes to pay for NHS provision

Monday, 8 June 2009

New Beginnings No old endings

Elections gone, more to come, but in the meantime we get on with the job. 2 years before TDC are in the 'BOX' 1 year before the Government has to 'go' to the people. I hope we can improve the lot of Thanet with little political fighting, at least fo the next 20 months.

I am sure all of your Councillors want a better Thanet, same destination, different route.

All I hope is the obnoxious BNP get duly shafted at any election in the future. I fear for our society if we elect people who support that party. But i also have confidence we can dump the two MEP;s they have now, lets get on with the job we all were elected to do

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Beachy Head

I was really upset to hear the story of the young family who ended it all at Beachy Head. What stresses they must have been under. My heart goes out to their family, but more importantly to them. If you believe in an afterlife, or any form of life after death, I hope they are happy