Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Politics Are Back.

South Thanet has a question to be asked. When you get old should you have to sell your home to pay for your medical care (not just nursing care)?

If you answered YES then vote for Labour.

In an interview today Dr Ladyman announced that a way out of the funding gap that faces the NHS is to make old folk sell their hard won homes to pay for NHS provision


Stop Manston Expansion Group said...

If you want a councillor with a fair to middling chance of being put up in front of the standards board, vote Tory.

Sandy (twice), latchford, now wells.

Ken Gregory said...

SMEG, close to the mark, but I will allow the comment, as the real test is Guilty or not guilty and what penalty. Seems you are a tad pis**d off that Labour did so badly last week.

Anonymous said...

Actually although your party may have won they didn't get as many votes as in 2005 due to the other non-mainstream parties like UKIP and others. It would be interesting to know if UKIP took votes from the Conservatives or disaffected Labour. and don't start me on the almost 900 who voted BNP in Ramsgate.

Bertie Biggles said...

Guilty on 2 counts for your Leader, Ken, on two separate ocassions and once for your Deputy, but that doesn't seem to bother you or them, mores the pity.

Anonymous said...

More complaints by Conservatives against Labour at Standards than the other way around. Perhaps the worm has turned and decided to do the right thing to stop the nasty Labour blogs?

Seems to confirm that Tories are the model of decency against the Labour accepted policy (until caught) of nasty blogging.

And as for the results - the great British public delivered their verdict and that is that Labour have had their day. Move over and let the really competetent and decent take the reins.

Stop Manston Expansion Group said...

Ken, I've never voted anyone but Tory.....until I came to Thanet.

Congratulations to Thanet Tories for managing in 18 months what my mother has failed to do in about 25 years - vote for someone else.

Ken Gregory said...


Read the papers of the case, then apply them to the circumstance

Richard Card said...

At risk of resurrecting the thread theme the incoming tory govt should now avoid wasting time kicking the labour dog who is down.

Nye Bevan "In place of Fear" is surely a sentiment all can support.

But it is New Labour here introducing dread of old age and fear during it.

So much for the concept of care from cradle to grave.

But tories must now look at the strategic situation. The worthy dream of replacing fear (of disease and poverty) has achieved instead a situation of excessive reward for low risk parochialism (the public sector employee being the classic example).

The cost of low risk parochialism to the economy and morale of UK has disastrously cut expertise levels and destroyed the capacity to afford the dream.

Cameron needs a blood sweat and tears speech to make the UK face the truth. Northern Ireland is illustrative. Its public sector pension liability is greater than the whole NI economy.