Monday, 8 June 2009

New Beginnings No old endings

Elections gone, more to come, but in the meantime we get on with the job. 2 years before TDC are in the 'BOX' 1 year before the Government has to 'go' to the people. I hope we can improve the lot of Thanet with little political fighting, at least fo the next 20 months.

I am sure all of your Councillors want a better Thanet, same destination, different route.

All I hope is the obnoxious BNP get duly shafted at any election in the future. I fear for our society if we elect people who support that party. But i also have confidence we can dump the two MEP;s they have now, lets get on with the job we all were elected to do


Tony Beachcomber said...


Should be interesting when the BNP expense returns are made available. Bearing in mind that the identity of all donors over £1000 have to be published and the BNP is a secret organisation, plus all donations have to be declared to be the election commission.
I have this feeling that what has been spent by the BNP may not match up with what they have declared coming in. If it does then where did it come from because I doubt if it has been declared.

Anonymous said...

Where was this UAF MOB when a group of Islamic exstremists were protesting against British soldiers that came home from Iraq?

Where were they when former terrorist Gerry Adams MP spoke in the very same spot in front of the House of Commons?

Where were they when a very brave Peter Tatchell stood up to Robert Mugabe's mob on his own?

I don't agree with far right politics anymore than I agree with extreme leftists politicians such as George Galloway MP or the Terrorist made good , Gerry Adams MP

BUT at least the likes of George Galloway MP, Nick Griffin MEP and Gerry Adams MP are democratically elected politicians, unlike the "thought police" rent-a-mob that want to deny the electorate the right to make up their own minds.

It seems that these so-called protesters would create an East German style state run by "the thought police" if they had their un-democratic way.

We need need to be afraid of this un-democratic self-righteous MOB more than we do Gerry Adams MP, Nick Griffin MEP and George Galloway MP.