Thursday, 28 February 2008

Network Rail

So NetworkRail have been 'fined' 14 million for the Xmas fun on the WestCoast Mainline. May be I am going mad, but this is a nationalised company, who's job is to keep the tracks safe, and improve them.

If so, 14 mill would have done a lot of track repairs. There are no private shareholders, just us 'Joe Public'.

What we have here is dear old Gordon taking back 14 million of our money to help budget his books, or maybe I'm wrong

Tuesday, 26 February 2008


I was informed over the weekend of the death of someone I held in high regard.

I would not , probably, be welcome at the funeral, but would like to reflect on their life. Does our system make allowances for this type of situation, or should we make the facilities available for past friends/partners to express their grief away from the immediate family?

Monday, 25 February 2008

24hr Drinking

How do you all feel about the latest 'Daily Mail' scare about 24hr drinking, Does it cause a problem? Should it be stopped? or should we leave it alone and concentrate on other problems?

Green Waste

One of the largest post bags I have ever had is about the green waste collection.
As of the new financial year there will be a flat fee to join the scheme on an annual basis, but all residents will be able to do so. At present only a few get the scheme, but we all pay for it.

My mail tells me that 70% want the new scheme, 25% want the old scheme, and 5% want the scheme available to anyone, but funded by the rates.

What are your views?

Ps 1 letter was extremely rude.

Saturday, 23 February 2008


So was he good or bad for his country? I do not really care what the rest of the world think of him, but his people seem to think the world of him!

Freedom Of Speech

So two of our more reactionary Bloggers are only allowing 'invited' readers/contributers.

If someone wants to take me to court over a comment made on this site, I will use the defence that I will remove any contributions that are ,in my view, inappropriate, as soon as I can. If it is my comment that causes problems, that is my fault and I will defend that as far as I can.

(ps I have no money or property in my name)

By all means carry on posting, just keep it fair.

Friday, 22 February 2008

The Budget

Once again the District Council Budget has been set.

As a previous member of the then ruling Labour Group, I was interested to hear their Leader propose a rise of 2.1% on the grounds that we should think of the ratepayers of Thanet!

This was the same individual who presided over a 11% rise in one year back in the late 90's,early 00's.
I am no financial wizard, but I do know that people want better services, how should we pay for them?

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Urban versus rural

As is well kown, I live in a rural community, and represent an a urban village. I think this is useful as it results in a 'cross pollenation' between both communities. Do you agree, or am I wrong?

Before you post, please understand, your ISP identifier is available to me!"!"

Village Traffic

Does anyone have serious suggestions for slowing down traffic in our villages, including the urban ones? Issuing 'stingers' is not an option.

Northern Rocks

Now I have time to add a few posts I thought it prudent to raise the corpse of the famous northern bank.

It would be interesting to see anyone thinks the recent acceptability of the Nationalisation word could be applied to any of the former public utilities. Or do we think they are better in 'Private' hands. (bearing in mind the lumbering dinosaurs they were before being sold off, restrictive practices etc). Does anyone remember a BR sandwich?

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Fearless Rescuers

So the brave crew of our Search and Rescue are heros! I for one agree.

Lets hope the governments words of thanks do not have to be used when these people are asking for a reasonable pay rise. (I bet that they do though)