Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Who dunnit?

According to the Labour Party, The Bankers did it, the hoodies did it, the ASBO holders did it, the EU did it, the Police did it, The Council did it, Osama bin Laden did it, the unemployed did it, but no way did Gordon Brown do it.

After 12 years + of Labour, its time for change.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


They may train, when will they learn?

Catching the 1903 from Victoria yesterday was , on a scale of 1 to 10, -3...... Dirty, overcrowded, no disabled toilets and only 2 ordinary ones!. And they were FILTHY.

It saddens me that we spend loads of your money on promoting Thanet, only to find our principle public transport system in such a sad state

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Public Fear

Is it not strange that Government 'experts' are stressing the importance of caution with regard to E Coli and 'Swine Flu' ? Could it be that Gordon and pals are hoping we will get so worried that we will 'forget' the economic problems that face us all, along with the ever increasing unemployment?
I really do not think that the British people who vote are that stupid.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Local Paper loses reporter

Sad to hear that our local 'newshound' has departed to pastures new (Ashford) He will be our loss and their gain.

More importantly it tells us that areas that pay better wages get the best staff.

Arson About

Following our little conflagration here in Monkton, I have been doing a little research.

In the last six weeks there have been 11 cases of arson involving agricultural buildings in East Kent. The largest being 10,000 bales of hay (at £3.50 a bale) near Dover, the most recent and probably the smallest, being at Preston yesterday.

At one time it used to be worse during the school holidays, now it has spread. Is it possible that we have got a problem with unemployment, or is it something in the water? Me I take a more vigorous view, and feel that the rural communities are under policed. Not the fault of the Police Force, more a problem with cuts in the funding for the police authorities

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Local Liberal Democrats

Not often will I give 'Free' publicity to the Lib Dems, but........... I notice their South Thanet web site is promoted, published and run by an office in Shepway.

Is this not the same lot who lost control of Shepway District Council, failed in their bid to unseat Michael Howard, and split their group on the council, causing members to defect to Go Folkestone, the Conservatives, and any other group who were not Liberal Democrats. ?

At least the Conservative, and Labour parties run their campaigns locally

Seagull Proof?

It is reported in the local press that Cllrs Green and Campbell have done a 'few hours' research to 'Discover' a solution to seagull damage to rubbish bags.

Apparantly the bags cost £2 for 5ooo but, if I read the article correctly, you also need 'bag protectors' . How much are these? We already have a solution, it's called a 'wheelie bin'. Unfortunately not all of our residential properties can accomodate these. For those properties other altenatives are needed, maybe central rubbish collection sites, maybe plastic sacks, but there will always be a problem, if not seagulls, foxes, cats, dogs, maybe local vandals.

Sometimes it is better to accept that a problem exists, and also accept that a solution is too expensive. It may be cheaper to clear the mess than to make political points .

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

BT Call Centres

Interesting to see that BT are having a bit of a problem with their stated aim to 'bring back' their call-centres to the UK. Seems that UK workers do not want to work the same hours as their Indian 'peers'. Having spent half the last week trying to get some sense out of BT, I would encourage them to 'Outsource' their management to India.