Saturday, 5 September 2009

Local Liberal Democrats

Not often will I give 'Free' publicity to the Lib Dems, but........... I notice their South Thanet web site is promoted, published and run by an office in Shepway.

Is this not the same lot who lost control of Shepway District Council, failed in their bid to unseat Michael Howard, and split their group on the council, causing members to defect to Go Folkestone, the Conservatives, and any other group who were not Liberal Democrats. ?

At least the Conservative, and Labour parties run their campaigns locally


Anonymous said...

Every Libdem web site in the country is hosted from Folkestone company Prater Raines, it make sense for them to use one company to present a unified face. I hope you are not inferring that they are doing a poor job just because of the previous Libdems goings on in Folkestone. They have many corporate clients and also the Baptists St Peters. I dont think Thanet is immuned to political goinings on and members changing sides in the past!

Ken Gregory said...

Thank you for that explanation, but I do feel that Political Parties need to use local people and local skills for local Councils.

ascu75 aka Don said...

Ken shame our council dont use a better lot then