Saturday, 12 September 2009

Arson About

Following our little conflagration here in Monkton, I have been doing a little research.

In the last six weeks there have been 11 cases of arson involving agricultural buildings in East Kent. The largest being 10,000 bales of hay (at £3.50 a bale) near Dover, the most recent and probably the smallest, being at Preston yesterday.

At one time it used to be worse during the school holidays, now it has spread. Is it possible that we have got a problem with unemployment, or is it something in the water? Me I take a more vigorous view, and feel that the rural communities are under policed. Not the fault of the Police Force, more a problem with cuts in the funding for the police authorities


ascu75 aka Don said...

Ken I have a son desperate to join the police force but for some reason not one force in the land is recruiting leading to a bizare situation where forces poach officers from other areas

Anonymous said...

It's always easy to say it's all about (national) funding, especially when it's your own political party that's in charge of Kent Police Authority. But it isn't just about funding. Many local blogs have carried countless stories of police inefficiency and ineptitude, with officers often choosing what crimes and activities to pursue. Their decisions are often perverse.

I would suggest you talk to your Tory colleagues at County Hall.