Saturday, 29 August 2009


It is reported in today's Times that General Sir David Richards (took over as head of the Army yesterday) warned of troop shortages in Afghanistan 3 years ago.

What ever your views on the campaign in Afghanistan I am sure that the consensus would be that if the United Kingdom commits troops to a conflict, they should have full support and enough logistics to complete their task.

Seems that the current administration do not.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Return from somewhere (not Panama)

Having returned from a mixture of Holiday, Business, and Pleasure, I see I was wise to leave comment moderation on! Several actionable comments have been intercepted by the Google people, two of which I have asked them to identify the sender.

Returning to the current time.

I see Gryff Rhys-Jones wants all rivers open to boaters, swimmers rafters etc. I have an interest in this as I enjoy a spot of freshwater fishing, and have to say would oppose the plan. When you take into account the fees and charges a fisher person pays, how much and how do you collect fees from a swimmer/ boater?

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Who's in Charge?

With the departure of Ms Harman to her pre booked holiday, Gordon Brown continuing his Community Service in Scotland, we are told that the unelected Mr Mandelson is the one with his finger on the nuclear trigger. Nice, especially since he is in Corfu.

Are communications so bad in Scotland that our beloved PM cannot run the country from there? (mind you he is not making much a fist of it from London) At least he and Harriet were elected, not appointed.