Friday, 21 August 2009

Return from somewhere (not Panama)

Having returned from a mixture of Holiday, Business, and Pleasure, I see I was wise to leave comment moderation on! Several actionable comments have been intercepted by the Google people, two of which I have asked them to identify the sender.

Returning to the current time.

I see Gryff Rhys-Jones wants all rivers open to boaters, swimmers rafters etc. I have an interest in this as I enjoy a spot of freshwater fishing, and have to say would oppose the plan. When you take into account the fees and charges a fisher person pays, how much and how do you collect fees from a swimmer/ boater?


Anonymous said...

Obviously it's Tory Tears, Tantrums, and Tiaras time again with both you and Moores back on the legal threats track.

Just bear in mind that you and the other attention-seekers will be the losers when no-one comments on your blogs.

Peter Checksfield said...

One place that I've always thought would make a fantastic boating lake & picnic area is Stonar lake near Sandwich (not sure if the water quality is good enough for swimming as I've never been able to get close enough!). This is nearly twice the size of Dane Park, yet it's used exclusively for a few fisherman. It would be very easy to collect entrance fees for somewhere like this too.

Ken Gregory said...

trouble is peter, fishing and watersports are mostly not compatable.

Imagine you have paid for a rod and fishing licence, and some bloke comes along and disturbs a swim you have been nurturing all day.

Ps I do support your campaign re naturist beach. ( though I would have more respect for public sensitivity than to use it myself)

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could have a councillors only naturist beach!

Ken Gregory said...

From a purely personal point of view, on balance.........A BAD IDEA,

Ken Gregory said...

to the person who said that rivers are open to any one, Not true. there are things called Riparien Rights.