Saturday, 5 September 2009

Seagull Proof?

It is reported in the local press that Cllrs Green and Campbell have done a 'few hours' research to 'Discover' a solution to seagull damage to rubbish bags.

Apparantly the bags cost £2 for 5ooo but, if I read the article correctly, you also need 'bag protectors' . How much are these? We already have a solution, it's called a 'wheelie bin'. Unfortunately not all of our residential properties can accomodate these. For those properties other altenatives are needed, maybe central rubbish collection sites, maybe plastic sacks, but there will always be a problem, if not seagulls, foxes, cats, dogs, maybe local vandals.

Sometimes it is better to accept that a problem exists, and also accept that a solution is too expensive. It may be cheaper to clear the mess than to make political points .

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