Tuesday, 1 September 2009

BT Call Centres

Interesting to see that BT are having a bit of a problem with their stated aim to 'bring back' their call-centres to the UK. Seems that UK workers do not want to work the same hours as their Indian 'peers'. Having spent half the last week trying to get some sense out of BT, I would encourage them to 'Outsource' their management to India.


Anonymous said...

Hopefuly the call centres are relocated to the UK maybe it will improve customer service. I find that companies in the UK are not geared up to communicate with their counterparts abroad who have taken the customer's order/changes etc.I have spent too much of my life waiting for my call to be answered, this applies to telephone, Tv, insurance, utilities etc. And often have to pay premium phone charges for ringing them..

ascu75 aka Don said...

having had two daughter work in BT call centres whilst going through Uni I know a little of the work patterns and if BT paid the money they would get the staff unfortunatly in the same room they had BT staff on £10 an hour and contract staff £5 an hour harly good working situation