Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Who dunnit?

According to the Labour Party, The Bankers did it, the hoodies did it, the ASBO holders did it, the EU did it, the Police did it, The Council did it, Osama bin Laden did it, the unemployed did it, but no way did Gordon Brown do it.

After 12 years + of Labour, its time for change.


Anonymous said...

It is time for a reality check.

Technologically we fell behind Germany at the end of the 19th century. At a time Japan was poaching disaffected British expert engineers.

We staggered through two world wars on both occasions saved by the Septics.

We emerged from WW2 with a worthy dream remote from the reality of our situation. We continued with declining industry and we introduced an effete education system not geared to the needs of industry or even of commerce.

Throughout this history the conflict between knowing yer job and knowing yer place saw the nation favour those who know their place.

Now we have to face the consequence.

Northern Ireland public sector pension requirement is bigger than Northern Ireland economy. We have created too much artificial public sector or public financed work for artificial qualified employees.

What was Airey Neave warning about in the 50s ? That the Cold War would be settled in the final phases by the West's shortage of skill.

And what does John Major say now ? he who now tells it like it really is will be the long term political gainer.

Have to give full marks to Simon Moores for that aspect of his blogging.

Anonymous said...

after 12 years, its time for a change...I am voting LIBDEM

Anonymous said...

it just proves there are some plonkers about might just as well bang your head against the wall