Monday, 25 February 2008

24hr Drinking

How do you all feel about the latest 'Daily Mail' scare about 24hr drinking, Does it cause a problem? Should it be stopped? or should we leave it alone and concentrate on other problems?


Tony said...

I'll settle for option 3.

Michael Child said...

This is not so good if you live in the town centres, I have lost 4 plate glass shop windows since 24 hour drinking came in before that I went for 7 years without a broken one. The noise outside at night that goes on till about four in the morning is very unpleasant indeed, if you have to have 24 hour drinking make the venues benefiting from it pay for the extra policing needed to make the town centres safe and habitable for the ordinary population at night.

Anonymous said...

what makes me laugh is the BMA saying this is getting out of hand but at the same time applying for a extention on their own licence for the bar at their headoffice