Saturday, 27 June 2009


Just a quick note to give my apologies for lack of recent posting, but its haymaking time, and I can assure you all the last thing I feel like doing when I come indoors is to fire up the computer.


Richard Card said...

Spin the bale over and use your pitchfork on what was the underside.

If you bale and pick up by the twine always get hold of some straw behind the twine into your grip.

Nostalgia there Ken going back over forty years to when I was 14 and working on the harvest.

Funny how the advice was delayed until after I had showered myself repeatedly in loose straw and had hands split open.

Montgomery Mole said...

Perhaps work is what gives you an open mind, there are a few 'Bloggers' who could use some work to make their less than average brain look at all sides of the argument