Thursday, 18 June 2009

Internet Shopping

Today I found out that internet shopping has an advantage I had not forseen.

Out shopping for a simple item , 150gm of dried sage (the average tub you find in tesco is about 10gm).

Ramsgate, Margate, and Broadstairs, tried, small shops big shops, butchers and just about anywhere else possible (though not Invicta Motors).

Comment was the same across the board, ' No they've stopped supplying the big jars, you can only get the small ones'.

I noticed the name of one of the suppliers on the small jar, so contacted them on the trusty 'Dell'

Reply came within minutes,' yes we still do the large jars, we will send you one , if you buy three you can have them postage free'. (price for 150 gm, twice the price of the 10gm tub. )

My point is, why do our shop assistants use the 'Easy' excuse, 'They've stopped doing them' and not ask someone further up the 'ladder'?


Stop Manston Expansion Group said...

Supply and demand. Why bother stocking up on large quantities of sage only the occasional labour/Tory (what one are you this week?) councillor comes on to buy?

It's the same reason there are bugger all flights from the airport you unconditionally love.

Ken Gregory said...

Oh dear old SMEG the old age disease has set in. My point was, why the facile excuse? why not the real reason, we want to NOT serve our customers, or, we can get it for you?

I fail to see what diabolical customer services have to do with an airport. get a grip upon real life.

Cllr. Mike Harrison said...

I seem to remember getting gunged for making some similar remarks back in 1995.. Of course back then we didnt have tinternet to search for carbon copy paper.

Ah happy days,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Ken Gregory said...

Mike, it was typewriter ribbon I remember, with you, but it seems customer service in thanet has not improved much in our town centres.(sorry to say except for Westwood, but not implying they are any better than the other three centres)

Anonymous said...

Ken two pieces of good news.

First it emerged today that you haold some influence. My father's day present, bought by our oldest daughter, is a bottle of the stuff you blog about, "Single malt". She bought me a bottle called The Glenlivet.

Second thing I found good this week. Grandaughter at primary school up in Cheshire has been learning judo as extracurricular activity at primary school (aged 6)

The instructor is a 6 foot 4 20 stone Pole. In his 30s. All vetted etc. The mothers watch the judo sessions and take the kids home an hour late.

The Pole does not charge any money. Glad to have a home and work in our country he wants to use his black belt statuis to put something back into England.

I will drink to that.

Anonymous said...

Why do you not allow comment at site planning meetings, and not ask someone higher up the ladder!!

Ken Gregory said...

Anon 2304, we do not allow public speaking at site visits because our last monitoring officer said so. We as members are unhappy with this and are trying to change it. A new monitoring officer may help.
Be assured, most members want change. Ps whar has this got to do with internet shopping?