Tuesday, 16 June 2009

More Road Closures

Hello all, just been informed by Kent Highways that they will be closing St Peters again .

This time its the Gas folk. I do understand that they have to do it, and urgently, but its a bit like buses, they all come at once.

Dates to avoid, toward the end of June. (for two weeks)


Anonymous said...

Ken, it's the same people as before due to 'unforeseen circumstances' the gas mains work has to be done again. Same workmen working at a snail's pace and been seen standing around for hours doing nothing. The implication is the work wasn't done right first time and has to be done again.Same holes dug again. Same traffic chaos.

Two weeks? We'll see. I predict more chaos in Broadstairs as that road carries thousands of cars, lorries and vans each day. The 56 bus will have to be re-routed so the old folk will lose out as most can't make the alternative stops. The shops will suffer loss of trade again and why? Simply because there have been 'unforeseen circumstances'. At least this time people have been told it's happening unlike before but I think questions should be asked of the contractors. Are they charging more or is there a penalty clause in the contract?

Anonymous said...

It has already started so you need to keep in closer touch with your ward and its businesses and not rely on catching up with KCC bumpf!

Ken Gregory said...

The Closure will commence on the 29th, work has already started. reason for date is so that a pre programed event can take place. Thanks JM

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ken for letting us know that we are now shut for business again! Good to know that you are doing your best for us.......!

Ken Gregory said...

I am as frustrated as you, I use the road on a regular basis, and whilst a real pain, it has been open, albeit single alternate line traffic for a long while. Therein lies the problem. Whilst the gas folk do their essential work safety reasons (people in cars) dictate that the workers have to be protected.
I would suggest that its better to do the work than risk an explosion.