Saturday, 1 March 2008

Kent Freedom Pass

I was at a meeting of the Kent Transport Board yesterday, where the issue of the above pass was discussed.
This scheme has been trialed in Canterbury and Tonbridge/Tunbridge Wells. 5,000 passes have been issued and over 100,000 trips per month have been made.

27% of users stated that the car was their previous form of transport to school.

The planned expansion of the scheme is as follows,

Scheme to be spread to Malling, Maidstone, Dover and Shepway in June 2008.

Thanet and Swale in January 2009.

Countywide in June 2009.

It is also planned to include companions for disabled young people and to waive the fee for low income families.


Little Weed said...

Why is Thanet being penalised - why not countywide in a shorter period?

Ken Gregory said...

I don't think its a case of being penalised, I think its a case of bus companies signing up. The phrase used was that the companies are 'Generally on Board'
I think the major difficulty is where there is more than one operator.

BTW the fee at present is £50 a pass, valid at all times