Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Food Waste

We all waste abot £8..40p worth of food each week according to our 'Prime Minister' .
Like most of you I saw an item in my newspaper today listing the menu he had to choose from at the G8 summit.
At the prices charged at Gordon Ramsey's nosh bars, he had only to leave half of his 'Smoked salmon and Sea urchin 'Bread surprise style' to have achieved this at one sitting.
Looking at the other courses, it gets potentially worse.
Last night I left nothing of my cheese omlette, home grown courgette and mangetoute rissotto, with kenyan beans, with a tomato dressing. (all home grown except for the cheese and the gas to cook it).
I suppose thats a bit like carbon offset, I cancelled out his waste.


Michael Child said...

I don’t think it will be very long before food waste and non-essential carbon emissions become socially unacceptable Ken, as I hope will be putting industrial estates on farmland with food prices soaring.

Anonymous said...

They're all getting their digs into you, Mr Chairman, aren't they? Knives are obviously being sharpened.

You and your fellows on TDC must be empathising with your troubled fellow Conservative, Bonkers Boris in London, who is seeing his new administration rapidly falling apart. To paraphrase Lady Bracknell, to lose one close confidant... but to lose two, including your Deputy, well... Poor old Boris!

And this from your Party's showcase authority that is supposedly showing us all whether you are fit to govern the country.

I think you should give up politics and stick to growing courgettes - by the way your dinner sounded great - and should encourage your colleagues to do the same.

John Worrow said...


At the end of the day,the people of London have chosen Boris. Blog Posts from anoymous Labour supporters in Thanet won't change that fact.

The Labour Party is in meltdown, both nationally and in Thanet.

Boris= success Brown=JOKE

I respect Cllr Ken Gregory for not being anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Millions of people are leaving Labour, yet to read the nonsense from cowards like anoymous 21:19 one would think it was the other way


Labour can make anoymous gutter snipe remarks on blogs, but it won't change the facts.

Anonymous said...

And we all respect you, Mr Worrow for your hitherto closet Toryism and your conning of the local electorate. Well done sir!

Anonymous said...

The point of my earlier (21.19) post, John, was simply that things are hardly going well for the new Tory Mayor of London. Sleaze has hit him hard in the first few weeks of his administration, and it is THIS administration that is supposedly the Tory showcase for life under a future Tory Government.

I completely agree that the Labour Party is in a poor state. Question is whether the Tories are a credible alternative. The evidence (London and Thanet for example) suggests not.

The issue os anonymous posting has been done to death on many blogs and cogent arguments advanced as to why anonymous contributions are completely legitimate. As for your rudeness, anon 22.50, how can you accuse me of being a coward when you then contribute anonymously yourself???

Michael Child said...

I have great admiration for those councillors who post under their own names and especially Ken who holds a senior position in the current administration, which is not universally popular.

I only wish more of our councillors would identify themselves and join the debate on some of the contentious issues, many of them have made them selves infamous by their absence, in my view.

Rick said...


I didn't know you were a digging man.

I have put in goji berries this year. So we have raspberries, tayberries, strawberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants.

Damsons this year non existent but I had a massive crop last year. Still drinking the damson rum/port and damson gin/sherry.

Have made about 8 lbs of jam so far plus our redcurrant jelly for Christmas.

My local cllr was run yesterday asking if anyone had any matters they wanted sorted.

Tried really hard to find something to maon about. Couldn't think of anything. Anyway he is a Muslim as his fellow cllr. But his fellow cllr is a masters degree electrical engineer.

So naturally I lent a copy of my report re sabotage of backup generators and general case unreliability and gave a link to the new NHS regs.

two hours later I received a phone call from the electrical engineer councillor. How could he help with raising the unreliability concerns further. Discussed the failure of the local hospital backup genny which brought three ICU lives into jeopardy.

He said he would mention the new regs for liaison in emergency planning matters.

And a word with the MP to raise the HSAW Act amendment recommendations.

Then we had a chat. I told him about my old time bouncing buddy Farokh Javanzad of Margate. Iranian.

One night headed home from Neros in the early hours after a night door stewarding, a lad was trying to flag traffic down. The vehicles ahead swerved round and carried on.

But we stopped. The 12 year old had been left with care of threee younger siblings for the night in the stewards flat above a working man's club. He had got up to go to the lavvy and been confronted by two burglars.

So Farokh and me charged in and saw the club fire exit doors open ... the burglars had fled.

We called Police and when they attended old Farokh had made himself comfy in an armchair.

"You can go know" said the Police.

"Not till I see who will be caring for the children once I leave" said old Farokh.

Now seeing as "Pharaoh" as a light heavy had knocked out the no 4 rated heavyweight in England I was anyway not minded to comply with the Police request to compel Pharaoh on our way.

What it was. Pharaoh's religion. If the parent cannot protect a child then you must act as the parent.

The police got a WPc and Pharaoh was happy. It would have taken more than the police night shift to move him anyway once his mind was made up. Great guy.

Anyways I told the Muslim cllr about this and mentioned the death of a child in post op ICU during failure pof a Petbow generator which cut power to life support.

I am an electrical engineer and I acted as the parent. Though I could not savbe that child I could ensure that the lessons would be learned.

And the Muslim cllr said it is in your religion too "Suffer little children to come unto me"

And I wonder just what the f-ck goes through the heads of Thanet cllrs. You know what I mean.

Do you go to your lodges and actually believe you have absorbed the allegorical lessons of morality ?

If you have an answer please make it on my blog or email me via your blog.

Anonymous said...

I am a vegeterian so tend to try all sorts of pulses and berries. Have to say that I find the dried goji berries very unappealing.

Anonymous said...

Cllr Gregory, I hope you don't mind me reminding people.

Don't forget this weekend's special concert to celebrate Thanet receiving Fairtrade Island.

The Fairtrade Island Concert takes place on Saturday (July 12) at The Winter Gardens in Margate.

The fun starts at 7.30pm and will be opened by Sir George Alagiah, the patron of the Fairtrade Foundation.

Acts taking part include U’Zambezi, an all-male a cappella ensemble specialising in Southern African songs, drumming and dance who have performed to dignitaries such as HRH Queen Elizabeth and Nelson Mandela.

Making up the rest of the bill are Singapore’s Angeline Kanagasooriam, Judith Russell, Richard Latham from Rich Rhythms with pupils St Anthony’s School, and Ms’Sanbmba.

Tammy Stewart-Jones, chairman of the Thanet Fairtrade Initiative, said: “Getting Fairtrade island status for Thanet has been a superb achievement and we wanted to celebrate all the hard work that went into getting to this point.

“We’ve tried to keep the price of the tickets as low as possible, but not the quality of the concert, so we hope everyone will come along and celebrate with us.”

Tickets cost £6 for adults and £3 for children and pensioners.

Phone the Winter Gardens on 01843 296111, or visit www.margatewintergardens.co.uk.

Ken Gregory said...

I am surprised that anyone supporting 'Fairtrade' wants to remain anonymous. I shall leave that post here, much like Rick's, but there does come a time when the readers will treat these 'off thread' comments like the adverts on channel 3 (the old ITV) and 'switch off'. so please don't do it too often!