Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Pleased to see that local authority workers in Thanet are not on strike.
However, the bubble seems to have burst in regard to inflation. the accepted rate seems to vary between 1.2% to 5.6%. I suspect it may be even higher.
Fuel continues to rise, despite Mr Darlings announcement that the fuel duty escalator will not apply in october. Food also is on the rise, and energy prices are also on the up.
Does our 'Government' not realise that we have to pay the bills, or are they so cosseted that it escapes them that the people are hurting.


Michael Child said...

Ken as I see it the government is pretty much out of money, and taking too much in taxation from the people who produce the products and services we all need. We seem to have developed a group of people earning in the region of £1,000 a week up who don’t actually produce anything, many of them working for the government.

Locally the council are selling of assets to pay day-to-day running costs, in business this is called bankruptcy and we are heading into a recession, the signs are there, people are coming into the shop to sell their books to pay for essentials.

I think we are probably heading for some very difficult times, and I don’t think there is the money there for pay rises.

Anonymous said...

I am conerned about the anti-chinese racism on berties blog. He has a right to his views regarding the chinese government. However, some very racist terms have been used and he has removed post from a chinese man who was a offended, and from members of the anti-nazi league.

Ken Gregory said...

Michael, I agree, but you cannot blame people for trying to protect their families from what they perceive as a threat.

In the longer term we need a healtyh economy, based on manafacturing, not services, that would cusion us from the effects of a global recession.

Anon 1548, I share your concerns, however, expression of views is something that bertie is entitled to. My response is to stop commenting on his site. His loss, not mine.

Peter Checksfield said...

Shame on you for not being able to tell the difference between true racial intolerance & merely a very obvious smear campaign.

At the very most I found Bertie's comments a little un-PC, & they would've been more than acceptable by almost anyone a few years back (didn't Benny Hill entertain millions around the world by doing a similar accent?).

I'm disappointed.

Anonymous said...

I guess a man who likes to show off in public would know a lot about predudice Peter