Friday, 4 July 2008

Local Developement Framework

Formerly we had a local plan, it ran for 11 years and was constantly being updated. Now Central Government has told us we must change and have an LDF. In simple terms, a loose leaf file that can be constantly updated.

The mind boggles at how these civil servants think up these stunning ideas.

The new document will be 'Slimmer' but have huge wedges of supporting documentation!

I do know that 5 of us councillors will be working on this for a year or so.

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Rick said...

Have word with the Zen strategy man Simon Moores. The Samurai call it putting down a pillow. (try to keep yer enemy sleeping on the job)

I like the strategy of the lone warrior against the Mighty Lord in His Tower.

The lone Samurai singing on the hill and being derided by all the Mighty Lord's peasants.

The Mighty Lord looks out from his battlements and summons his wise man.

"What can I do about that insolent fellow on the hill opposite"

"Notice Lord that he stands at the top of a narrow winding path with the sun at his back. You cannot send swordsmen against him. He will cut them down as they clim single file with the sun in their eyes"

"Well he keeps singing Mighty Lord come out into the fields with your peasants and let us see what you can do"

"Mighty Lord if you go out he will kill you either in your body or in your depths. And before he does so the derision the peasants direct at him will deflect to you as they admire his defiance of you"

"What should I know of this man wise man"

"He is pursuing the strategy of the Mighty Lord in His Tower. He makes you as a dove in a cot."

"And if I am a dove in a cot looking out what should I see"

"A singing hawk oh master who sings Come out amongst the peasants let us see what you can do Just Come on out and take me on

"We best leave him sing and I will stay in my cot then" said the beaten lord dead in his depths but yet breathing.