Friday, 26 September 2008

Euro Kent

Most of you will have seen the front page of the I O T G.

I can assure you all that

1, I have no knowledge of these plans.

2, The Planning committee will deal with them impartially,


3, I have not been party to any discussion about these'Plans'


Anonymous said...

So you, along with most of your colleagues didn't bother to go to the public consultation the other Saturday where these plans and one employee of EKO LLP were present at Clarendon School's Media Centre?

If this is such a major reversal of the Local Plan for this area surely it goes to a wider body than the Planning Committee anyway?

Ken Gregory said...

Sorry, but as a member of planning, I would be wrong to go to these sort of meetings, I will start to look at the application when it comes forward with officer reccomendation

derick97 said...

Right o
sandy and wills

Matt B said...

I'm sorry to be slow but please nlighten me as to why it would be wrong of you to attend such meetings.

Ken Gregory said...

Matt, simple really, If I, or any other member of planning attended formative meetings prior to an application being lodged on our own account we could be percieved to be part of the application. If officers are present that is a different story.

Cllr David Green said...


You do talk a load of rubbish at times. The presentation was by officers of EKO (East Kent Opportunities), a company wholely owned by TDC and KCC. Your Deputy Leader Roger Latchford is a director.
To suggest that you shouldnt go to be informed is patent rubbish.
If you couldnt be bothered, just admit it.

Ken Gregory said...

David, I will not get involved in a spat with you over this. As you well know the code of conduct is left mostly down to councillors to interpret. I take the view that planning members should be a bit like a jury, and avoid, if they can, sitting in judgement on something they have been, in their opinion, involved with prior to the planning committee that it comes before.

My judgement was, and still is, do not get involved until the application comes to the council.