Friday, 5 September 2008

Two Sides to Every Story

Those of you who are up to speed will know that one of my roles is that of Chairman of the Traffic Penalty Tribunal for England and Wales. A case was brought to my attention last Wednesday that highlights the need to understand that Local Authorities are getting better at their proceedures.
An appeal reached our adjudicators that rested on a local authorities slowness in issuing a replacement 'Blue Badge'. As a result someone had been issued with a ticket for parking on an onstreet parking place.
At least that was what was said to the tribunal.
Reality was, backed up by picture, that the person had bought a ticket,(why when they 'had' a blue badge? Also, they gave the attendent a load of 'verbal'.
I think the lesson to be learned is that motorists need to realise that councils have the full use of technology to prove their argument.


Michael Child said...

Ken does that make you chief traffic warden for England and Wales?

tony flaig bignews said...

Parking charges in most cases are literally just a job creation scheme, no doubt your role as Chairman of the Penalty Tribunal thingy gives you somewhere to go every 3rd thursday in the month.

But if it didn't exist would anyone care! I think not.

Sorry to be so blunt

Ken Gregory said...

Michael, No. I am the elected representative on the TPT to provide an independant appeals body.

Tony, yes I do get to go to Mqanchester/Birmingham/London on a regular basis, but only to ensure that the appeals system is working. I think people would care if they could not appeal against the issue of a ticket. ( however as most of the people who got a ticket parked in contravention of the regulations, would you let them off? )

PJK said...

If I remember correctly, KCC say you need 6 weeks to re-apply for a blue badge that is about to run out. They don't send reminders, but rely on blue badge holders to remember & re-apply in plenty of time. The expiry date is given on the back of the badge, so it's always pretty much *in yer face* !! :o)

I know when my husband re-applied for his last time, he did so in plenty of time, but KCC don't send them out till nearer the expiry date as they say it helps to stop badge abuse.