Friday, 10 October 2008

China Gateway

OK , The debate is over, the application was passed. The result, IMHO, was the right one, but I do have to say that I was really impressed by Malcolm Kirkcaldie's comments at the meeting. I hope we have put enough checks in place to ease his concerns.

Me, all I want to see is a Thanet that has a future as a vibrant and exciting economy, what I do not want to see is a community that has no future, no jobs, and no young people. Change is good for all of us, me, I'm retired, but I do want my grandchildren to have a chance of working and becoming part of a community that is forward looking.


Michael Child said...

Ken for it or against it until someone can resolve the main basic problem it is just nonsensical, you can come up with traffic gridlock and we all sit in it and complain, you can reach a situation where Margate town centre is like the aftermath of a war and we all complain about it, but with this one if you can’t answer the question where does the surface water runoff go, why pass the plans? Look at Pleasurama same architect, plans that defy the laws of nature, passed by the council to please the developer, when sensible viable and buildable plans should have been insisted on, TDC spending £500,000 on cliff repairs, which the developer could have been persuaded to contribute to if the proper groundwork had been done, passing bad plans it’s not really something to be proud of.

By the way thanks for getting rid if the irritating word verification, you can expect more comment now.

Michael Child said...

sorry Ken posted twice as i didnt realise you were on approval

Rick said...

I hope you are as impressed with all Malcolm Kirkaldie's evidence.

In the weeks before the CGP vote an FOI reply (to which you contributed) confirmed that in the 90s there was a water table chemical contamination threat incident at Sericol.

I am pretty confident that the volume which went into ground strata was not the full volume missing. IE That there had been theft of the chemical CYCLOHEXANONE.

I await the Environment Agency response to my FOI application.

However it seems clear that, at the time of the EA and TDC investigations kept virtually secret until my FOI application, there was cause to make a crime complaint to Kent Police. And yet no crime complaint made.

The chemical is used in the manufacture of drug pusher drugs (like in USA Angel Dust). And it can be used in the manufacture of Improvised Explosives Devices.

This precedent incident (for Michael's CGP ground strata contamination fears) does not reflect TDC well.

Why no crime complaint ?

And in 1998 there was a chance for TDC to take a second look at this. And again no crime complaint.

1998 was an interesting year. A police disciplinary inquiry into who, amongst their ranks, may have leaked information about planned warrant raids seeking blackmarket drugs makers in Thanet. This was about the "E" made from reprocessing two blackmarket anabolic steroids. Perhaps the leak was not from amongst the ranks of blue at all ?

Anonymous said...

LISTEN to Cllr Ken Gregory speak on KM News TV click on

Anonymous said...

Michael, if Alisdair Bruce voted for this then it will be OK? Did he?

ascu75 said...

Well said I am not able to work but when I did and that area was fenced off by Wiggins I can remember thinking thats good local waork for a change here we are 20 years later and still all it is is talk still wont affect me but it might my grand children

Anonymous said...

Alisdair Bruce voted for it because it is thought it will help his chance of becoming deputy leader to Simon Moores