Saturday, 13 December 2008

The Pound

Ok Uncle 'Gord' has reduced the pound to a Euro. Should we join it or try to keep our own currency? In the past I have said I don't have strong feelings about this question, but now, having been forced into a corner, lets save the pound!!


James Maskell said...

There would be absolutely no point in joining it now. The British economy right now is in such flux that to change currencies now would be the worst thing to do, a panic reaction without serious thinking about whether its the right decision for the long term.

Barroso knows the current British position isnt to join without fulfilling the five economic tests and he knows he loses nothing by stoking up the fires on this issue. Our standing against other currencies is temporary, such is the nature of our economic system.

John Worrow said...


Most of BROWN'S rules appear to have gone out of the window, what makes you think that he would stick to his five economic tests?

Anonymous said...

I have always thought we should join the Euro and dump Sterling. Our future lies in Europe - politically, and fiscally - and we should stop hanging on to tradition and nostalgia as the sole arguments against progress. The Little Englander menatilty has for too long stood in the way of the UK's progress.

Tony Beachcomber said...

Ken, you sound so fickle on the subject it almost feels as if your economic judgements are determined by a toss of a coin.

John Worrow said...

At least Ken doesn't think that he has saved the world lol :)

Anonymous said...

Or thinks that he has saved Birchington, Mr Worrow.

John Worrow said...

Anonymous 2008.
14 December 2008 07:20

I don't remember any councillor or politician of any kind claiming to have saved Birchington. However, I do recall the Labour PRIME MINISTER saying that he "Saved the world"

It is quite sad that some poor souls are afraid to use their name when posting on blogs.

Could it be that the Brown Govenment's treatment of Damian Green MP, has frightened them and that they have lost their bottle?

Comments made by anonymous sneaks gain no respect from real people.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you had better wait to see if Damian Green has done anything illegal - like the various Tory MPs and MEPs this year caught stealing via their expenses claims, or local criminal Jonathan Aitken - before siding with him Mr Worrow.

And I think the media, not the Prime Minister himself, coined the "saving the world" bit.

As for anonymity, please change the rather boring record.

But do have a lovely festive season.

John Worrow said...

My issue is with the police being allowed into Damian's parliamentary office.

I have not said anything regarding the other points you tried to make.

When you chose to post as an anonymous 'non-person' you lost the moral right to complain about me boring you, just as the person that can't be bothered to vote should loose the right to complain.

You said "And I think the media, not the Prime Minister himself, coined the "saving the world" bit"

That comment makes it quite clear that you did not hear the PMQ's on the news and that you are not aware of the facts. BROWN did say that he saved the world.

And Merry Chrismas to you.

James Maskell said...

You cant compare the two, Cllr Worrow. The abandonment of the fiscal rules was perfectly in order, since they were his rules to begin with and didnt require any further decision making than the one he made. Joining the Euro would require a Yes vote in a referendum. Its a whole different ball game.

As for the anonymous issue, if I posted anonymously would you ignore what I post, even if I agreed to you? You may ignore people on the internet for being anonymous, but I pray you dont do this to the people in the ward you represent. It comes across as very arrogant. You need to give anonymous posters more respect Cllr.

John Worrow said...

Hello James. Please feel free to call me John, as I am not blogging as a parish councillor.

I am not trying to compare the two James, I merely pointed out that it appears that most of Brown's rules have gone out of the window.

Then I asked you "what makes you think that he would stick to his five economic tests"? as I believe that you are obviously an expert on these matters and could enlighten me. Thank you for your wonderful answer.

As far as anonymous sneaks are concerned, I was not refering to you, unless you know otherwise.

I have been using (real time)political chat rooms, both text and audio for over 10 years, and on the site that I used, we had a very good policy of ejecting people out of the room that were making personal attacks on people without having the guts to back it up with their name.

I even knew someone in Wales that tried to end their life due to an unaccountable anonymous internet bully.

You may have a different view than me, and that is your right, but it does not make me arrogant to have a 'look you in the eye' way of dealing with such issues.

You said" I pray you dont do this to the people in the ward you represent"

If someone phoned me or came to my door, I would ask them who they are. That is not only my right, but it is also a safe thing to do.

I guess we are not going to agree on this subject, its something I feel very strongly about.

All that to one side, I have read a lot of your postings and agree with many of them. Am I right in thinking that you belong to the local Tory party?

If so I look forward to meeting you in the near future.

Good night, its past my bed time.

Anonymous said...

I think there is a hint of arrogance, Mr Worrow, in your suggestion that if you are blogging as a parish councillor, others should not call you "John". What title would you want?

And please don't go down the path of labelling people bullies because they do not share your views or support you or if they challenge you - whether they do so anonymously or not. Bullying is something entirely different; you have NOT been bullied.

Anonymous said...

I think people that use their own names are geeks and I agree its arrogance to want to be called John. My uncle is called John and he is arrogrant .. and all that looking you in the eye when talking to you stuff is arrogance too - I can do what I want and I don't need any John or any James telling me what i should think.

James Maskell said...

Cllr Worrow will suffice. If you are saying that Brown's fiscal rules arent being compared to the five economic tests you clearly contradict yourself by doing that in your first post on this thread, otherwise your reference to the fiscal rules is irrelevant to the discussion. If the five economic tests arent met but a referendum called anyway, there would surely be a No vote since the media would constantly repeat the point that the tests werent met and the public would remember that. The economic tests need to be met for a good change of currency should such a choice be made by the country. The fiscal rules were different because to retain them would surely lead to crippling spending cuts. The economic tests are required as they provide credibility for the Yes case. Brown wouldnt call a referendum without them.

Public debate on the internet is not someone doorstepping. They are completely different and to suggest otherwise is to set up straw men.

I was in the Tory Party until last year's Conference. I have no plans to rejoin.

John said...


I thank you for the benefit your wisdom.

With such a brilliant mind you are sure to win over the man in the street and get real results.

In time I also hope to become as politically shrewd as you.

Anonymous said...

I don't care about the pound because England is a dump. My boss is a twat and the weather is minging