Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Back to Thanet

Well, I suppose you will all groan when I tell you I returned safely from Birmingham.

Firstly I discovered the delights of the newly upgraded West Coast Mainline. 1hr 22mins from Euston to Birmingham. (compared to 1hr 54mins for 60miles from Thanet to London Victoria).

Secondly, Virgin trains are clean and the toilets work (compared to South East trains that was a pleasent surprise)

Thirdly, got a seat from Birmingham to Euston shame South East trains had run out of those on the return journey.

The point of my post is, no matter what we do in Thanet, we need to get a quality (cheap) rail link to London. That means NO surcharges.


mnottingham said...

Glad to see you recognising the value of sustained public investment Ken. Surprised you didn't get a seat as a regular commuter it is a long time since I did not. Virgin have increased their prices following the rail improvements so why not here? Should people with no or poor rail services subsidise the service? A better way forward for Southeastern in my view would be to follow SouthWest Trains and sell cheap advance tickets like Virgin do so a range of prices was available.

Ken Gregory said...


No problem with Virgin increasing their prices, the service has improved. South East have increased their prices, the service is still carp. Yes to cheap advance tickets, but no time restrictions, otherwise the money i save on the cheap tickets I will spend in the Iron Duke waiting for a train

ascu75 aka Don said...

We could do with a better service but cos I cant remember the last time I went on a train maybe I am not the one to comment.