Thursday, 1 January 2009

Train fares

South Eastern trains tell us that fares have to rise by more than inflation to allow them to pay for the fast trains to London! Straight question............ does that mean that fares will not be at a premium on the fast trains.......??? as they will have already been paid for??


Anonymous said...

Travel on the new fast trains will be at a premium cost. Will you, or the Council, be protesting to Southeastern about this?

Ken Gregory said...

If South East Trains are saying that the large price rises are to pay for the new Trains, and then expect us to pay a premium, I will be one of the first to start complaining.

Anonymous said...

Well you can start now because a premium will be payable...but I wouldn't expect to be taken seriously if I were you. If your comments are going to be as crass as the one you have posted on your Tory friend's site - in which you refer to a "government organised slump" then you might as well leave protesting to others.

Are you unaware that the economic crisis is global; that countries with left and right-wing governments are experiencing the same problems? You are trying to score the same cheap, ill-informed political points as the idiot Tory MP for Thanet North, Roger Gale. Neither of you can be regarded as serious, positive politicians.

Ken Gregory said...

Well there you go, you have your view, i have mine, its called a free and democratic country.

Anonymous said...

But why oh why are the UK problems not the governments fault?

Do they not have ultimate responsibility for the management of our economy, including how much people are allowed to borrow according to their circumstances?

Should they not have an economic model that shows when and how the system will implode?

18:16 clearly has a position to defend because he supports the Labour government.

As I don't support either the Labour or Conservative leaders (David Cameron must surely be the weakest leader of any political party this country has seen in a hundred years, and is surrounded by men and women of equal mediocrity) I have no axe to grind.

But don't suggest that governments don't have a responsibility for what goes on in their own back yard. Even if the truth is unpalatable.

Anonymous said...

Your opinion, Anon 19.54, is quite balanced, and I would agree with much of it. What is wrong - and irresponsible - is to say, as Councillor Gregory has, that the slump has been "organised" by the present Government.

Like it or not, the present economic crisis, with all that led to it, is global. Governments of all persuasions around the world can equally be called to account. It is not a "UK Labour Government" issue. Governments going back over decades can also be accused. Many informed commentators have said that the Thatcher years, for example, embraced the deregulation of the City which led to some of today's problems.

The private sector - which Conservative ideology tells us is perfect and should be left to run itself - has cocked-up big time, and should also be called to account. Of course they are now running cap in hand to national governments for bail-outs; who is the villain there?

My point is that we need serious, constructive politicians to help sort all of this. We do not need negative campaigners who always try to blame everyone else, who shout at the moon, and simply try to secure cheap political advantage for themselves. Clearly local MP Gale, and local Councillor Gregory are two such performers.

Ken Gregory said...

1005, i support your right to comment, but do not agree with you. The only people I blame is 'our government' who have controlled our lives since 1997. They failed to regulate the 'City' instead trusting 'self regulation' i do not seek 'cheap political advantage. I seek to do the best for the people of Thanet.

Anonymous said...

And I do not agree with, or believe, you, Councillor. We must just "agree to differ".