Tuesday, 17 February 2009


The big debate this morning on Radio Kent was about packaging, 'Is there two much packaging on food?'

An interesting debate, but one that I am unsure which side I am on.

Do I want tomatoes that someone else has squeezed and sneezed over, or do I want them pre-washed and packed? Are potatoes better washed (so I do not pay for the mud) or are they better and easier to carry in a plastic bag?

As a final thought, why cant I have a plastic carrier bag. After food use it makes an excellant dog bag.


Anonymous said...

Surely buying local produce{yes mud and all)is much better than food that is flown round the world and packed and bleached and more packaging to fill our land sites that are already fit to burst?As for plastic carrier bags they are dreadful and don't break down and composte-why cant we have strong brown paper bags instead..

Tony Beachcomber said...

In general most food products I think packaging is kept to a minimum because it is a on cost to a product in a competative market.
But there are other items such as an Easter Egg which has excessive packaging to make the product look something it isn't. Unfortunately the consumer pays the price, local authorities pick up the disposal and recycling cost and the easter egg manufacturer takes the profit.

Anonymous said...

I have a silly system where I live for taking out and disposing of rubbish and it is a real hassle. Lots of packaging just makes things harder on me.

ascu75 aka Don said...

Have you tried getting a dog in a bag they aint anywhere as easy as cats Cats being naturaly inquisitive often explore carrier bags but dogs aint so stupid