Friday, 13 March 2009

Broadstairs Crime

Crime, and the perception of crime is the being dealt with by a partnership between Thanet District Council, Broadstairs Town Council, and the Police.

Part of this task is being performed by the University of Kent. As a Broadstairs and St Peters District Councillor I am involved in this process and have a direct input into the University's work.

Whilst I can get round the streets of my ward, I will not be knocking on every door,(there will be enough of politicians 'bothering' residents in the lead up to the Euro and County Elections in June), so if anyone has views, please let me know, Its your chance to influence the future course of public safety in Broadstairs and St Peters.


Anonymous said...

I am forty, male, 6ft and do not venture onto Broadstairs High Street late evening. I cannot be bothered with the grief.
Does it not make you wonder that tens of english language students pose no threat in their behaviour whilst the local populace do?

Anonymous said...

Very few adults venture into Broadstairs after dark due to the hordes of drunken teenagers staggering around. Have even seen them running across the tracks at the station risking death. No-one dares to speak to them for fear of what they'll say/do.

My married sons and their wives chose to go to Ramsgate for a night out when visiting as they consider it safer.

Incidentally, Ken, still nothing from you or your colleagues regarding the roadworks in St. Peter's. A word of sympathy for the struggling traders wouldn't have gone amiss. Too late now as they'll probably have given up the battle for survival before you and your other TDC representatives seek re-election.

Anonymous said...

They are loud and messy but rareley cause any trouble. They congregate here because they have little else to do and of course the last time I saw a policeman in Broadstairs he was telling a van driver to declare the wood he was taking off Louisa Bay. So the Broadstairs Massive have pretty much free reign in the evenings.

I am not amazed though, the police have been rubbish everywhere for years now. No doubt if one of the youth called me a fat poof, there would be a hundred coppers swarming around here for a good old socialist "hate" crime to ensure that the home office kept their figures up!

Ken Gregory said...

Thank you so far for your 'input' anon 1233, I know that i have spoken to the utilities and to kent highways on several occasions, but I would prefer them to be getting on with the work, rather than answering my queries! I would give you all the words of sympathy you ask, but would surmise you would prefer action?. This work is essential, I would prefer it now than in the summer.

Jenny said...

Sorry, Ken, you miss the point totally. The traders would have appreciated a visit from you or at least your colleague who lives on the village green opposite with a few chosen words of support.

I dispute your claim to have been liaising with Kent Highways as I know another KCC councillor, not of your party, has battled with Kent Highways trying to get the correct road signage in place so that HGVs aren't being mislead into driving into the area and not being able to turn without causing havoc. I know Dr. Ladyman has also been dealing with Highways having taken the trouble to visit the area. Can you say you have? No-one seems to have noticed you inspecting the site or did you come when the shops had closed having decided there is no point staying open beyond the early afternoon? Your absence and that of your KCC colleague and TDC colleagues has been noted by residents as well as the businesses.

Anonymous said...


You have a right to your view, but as this Division is represented by a specific county councillor, could you please let everyone know who has been 'poking' their nose into anothers business? Mp's have the common decencency to work their own 'patch' seems that labour county councillors do not. Or could it be that you are standing as a county candidate?
The ward councillors have been trying to assist to minimise the disruption during this essential work, all you seem to want is 'coffee and sympathy' Are you business people or vapourous lovvies?

A local resident who cares said...

What on earth is a 'vapourous lovvie'?

The point Jenny makes is that not one of the local businesses has seen a TDC or KCC councillor nor have they had any communication from the gas company or Kent Highways. Under such circumstances people turn to whoever is willing to take on their problem. In the absence of a local councillor taking any apparent interest then businesses turn to whoever shows a modicum of concern. Businesses are suffering for a number of reasons and the last thing they want is invisible elected representatives. Go and visit them and say you are doing something. At the moment the perception is none of the local Tories care.

Anonymous said...

Hello!!!! As one of the ward councillors. No one has complained to me about whaTS going on, except for a prospective labour county councillor. Could it be a case of wind up the populous so they may vote for 'me'?


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Jason, it's called 'politics' and no-one has needed 'winding-up', they're wound up enough, as it is. My understanding is that when you were spoken to by a senior member of the village tour, it was agreed you'd go into, at least, the café to discuss the situation with Nina. Have you done so yet or was the village tour member misinformed?

I am a member of the church in St. Peter's and a regular shopper in the area and, as such, have seen the inconvenience caused. You live opposite the works so must have yourself been affected.

If no-one else has spoken to the locals is it surprising that a prospective county council candidate tries to help? It's no more than you would do, surely.

Many of those affected are elderly and don't even know who their councillors are so if they haven't got in touch, that's because they aren't aware that you live locally.

A local trader dismissed the TDC councillors as 'useless' and he didn't know anything about me so get out there and restore your reputation

Would you like me to give them your address so they can come knocking to ask you what you have done? Have you seen them trying to get to the bus stop down the road now it's not possible to get on at the Co-op?

Anonymous said...

Anon 0848 its a shame you you are not real member of the church. The Giant could do with some company.

Ken Gregory said...

stop it you lot, this post is about crime not politics (though some would say the two are related). If Ms jenny ma........ wants to comment thats ok by me, although I do happen to know that Cll Savage has chosen not to do so, so we do have an doppleganger out there.

Jenny Matterface said...

In that case, Ken, I apologise to Cllr. Savage if he hasn't posted.

I don't understand the comment about being a real member of the chucrh as I've been one since moving here in 1971 or the reference to The Giant. Some cryptic religious reference, perhaps.

Ken, it's Mrs. by the way.

Ken Gregory said...

the comment is one that i do understand jenny, the broadstairs 'giant' is buried in the st peters church yard. but then i am only a ward councillor.
sorry, cheap shot, but i did enjoy it

Anonymous said...

You mean the local Samson, who was reputed to be over 7ft. tall. The anonymous poster is suggesting that a caring member of the church community would be better being buried in the churchyard than doing something for the local community. Cheap shot indeed and unworthy of you or any of your readers, councillor.