Sunday, 15 March 2009

jobs, jobs, jobs, oh, sorry No Jobs

Months ago I blogged under the heading 'Labour isn't Working' In todays Observer I see that labour may be working (at spinning and smeering) but for those unfortunate enough to have no job there are 60 0f them for each vacant post in the south east. Its all very well having free bus passes and reduced charges for the old, young and disabled (and I would support those things in a society that could sustain them) , but its the working people that pay for these 'add ons' and if people are not working they cannot be funded . And that is why Thanet Council and Kent County Council are trying their hardest to attract investors and employers to Thanet. ( apologies to those of you who are not politically minded, but as a conservative and local councillor I am, and its my site.)


ascu75 aka Don said...

Its great that we have Thanet Earth and hopefully the new ferry service. I blogged last week about the green shoots of recovery and judging by the amount of scaffolds up in Thanet we are still managing to keep some builders and stone masons in work.I would urge those that have planned works on their property to have it done where possible and keep our local businesses afloat. Also our local shops who are finding things hard spend money locally and when we get out of this mess perhaps we will still have a LOCAL economy

Anonymous said...

Maybe the unelected Prime Minister can just print even more money to pay for peoples benefits!

Good Old or ever New Labour - the same Labour running out of OUR money again!

Where did the nations gold go??