Saturday, 14 March 2009

site for anyone who gets 'non posted' at cllr nottingham's site

ok go for it . if cllr nottingham does not publish your comment, i will if its legal.


Anonymous said...

hurray. why, i am gob smacked, he has a tie

John Worrow said...

Thank Ken.

It appears that Thanet's very own answer to Michael Foot is not that keen on free speech unless he agrees with it.

Dishing the dirt seems to be his favourite pass time at the moment as well as wearing it...

mnottingham said...

Ken you refuse to post many comments too. I am not going to set up a similar post, but I have a long complaints list sent to me. In fairness most of them posted as anonymous so I don't blame you.

To be clear give your name and I will publish.

Today I have not posted an anti-semitic comment against Sandy Ezekiel, not free speech as you define it, but not right in my view. It was legal by the way, so you would have published Ken? We differ, that's politics.

Anonymous trolls are the bane of blogging, left and right. Simon and Dave delete, Bertie and I moderate, and you are being just a little opportunistic/hypocritical Ken.

Always post you and Simon though whatever you say, but then you don't hide and I respect that.

ascu75 aka Don said...

I dont hide either but then I try and avoid swearing jibeing and baiting but I still get deleted from SMEG just because I say what I feel right in my humble opinion . I may differ from someones opinion but as you say Mark thats politics

John Worrow said...

Whether you are right wing or wrong wing is not the only issue here; you are also showing yourself up to be very rude and unpleasant.

It is quite obvious that you hand pick the posts that you use.

However,Cllr. Gregory is a gentleman and respects all views.

If being rude and unpleasant is your nature, just carry on, you are a recruiting sergeant for the Conservatives.

DrMoores said...

Does anyone remember the classic BBC series "GBH". It was loosely based on Derek Hatton and Liverpool and the attempts by Labout to grasp power by fair means or foul; mostly foul if I recall.

I think I will go looking for another Blackadder sketch to better reflect my present opinion of the opposition and its political talent!

Ken Gregory said...

To be fair, I have always found Cllr Nottingham to be fair and well reasoned, I have ,however, received many comments about the inability to post comments on his site. I will only restrict comment on my blog if i feel it may be libelous or offensive, I am sure that Mark does the same. If technical issues are preventing people from using his site, try me and I will forward the comments.

Mark, Those comments I have deleted are those that would result in a court appearence, I have no wish to go there!

Peter Checksfield said...

For some reason I find it technically difficult to post comments on Mark's blog (perhaps he needs to change some settings?), but when I have managed to post he's always published my comments, even when I've disagreed with him, just like Simon & yourself have.

Anonymous said...

Yes Peter I think that you are correct, until recently Cllr.Nottingham did publish the odd comment that he disarees with, if only to appear to support free speech.

However, in practice we can all see that he is using his blog to attack senior Conservatives such as Laura Sandys, in a way that makes him appear to be a bully boy!

There is even a post on his blog from someone CLAIMING to be a young Conservative attacking his own party. Does Mark take us all for fools?

The Labour Party is very worried and I am sure someone is under orders.

Most us can see exectly whats going over there.

Shame on you - taking fellow bloggers for a bunch of mugs!

NANNY STATE blogging takes New Labour down to new levels of control freak-ism

David said...

I think that Cllr Nottingham has got totally the wrong end of the stick.

From what I understand Laura Sandys’s reference to the state was at one of the largest conferences on Liberty held in the country and she was talking about the state’s encroachment on liberties and freedoms - ID cards, Database Society, Surveillance Society.

Not a mention of loyal public servants. Apparently the political party that was evident by its absence at this conference was the Labour Party. A pity for us who hold our freedoms dear.


THIS HAS JUST BEEN POSTED ON Cllr.Nottingham's BLOG - lets wait and see if he allows it or whether he will continue to punch below the waist and restrict peoples right to respond

Anonymous said...

Councillor Gregory, you have very often not published a comment - when you have had moderation in place - simply because it does not fit in with your political views, or because it criticises one of your political friends. Do not try to pretend otherwise. Many have commented on it over a long period.

Clearly you, and some of your Tory colleagues, have decided to make Councillor Nottingham your new bogeyman. I am sure he can cope; that is for him. At least your "accusations", however opportunistic - which they are - are more meaningful than the nonsense appearing on Thanet Life about mode of dress. If you (Tories) are so worried about respect for the office, and the Council Chamber, why are you not clamouring for your leader's resignation. His behaviour has surely done more to sully Thanet's reputation than anyone else on the Isle.

Jane said...

To the person above
Anonymous 15 March 2009 18:01

You are talking total RUBBISH.
If anyone is being opportunistic it is Cllr Nottingham and his Anonymous self and colleagues.

And as far as him be a bogeyman; if the hat fits, wear it!

Ken Gregory said...

having just read cllr nottinghams latest rant about cllr latchford and his published rebuttle by bertie biggles (theres a first then). i am indebted to cllr nottingham for not having me on is list of blogs. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

was it organic wine then mark? or just cooking sherry?

Anonymous said...

Heres one that didn't make onto nottinghams blog:

Woa! This takes the biscuit. Surely even the most loyal mark nottingham supporter can see through your attempts at character assassination on this one. You must be really desparate to dig up this old stuff and spend all day preparing it for publication. The venom oozes out of you in your desire to make everybody see latchford as something he is not. I don't know him but from what I read his life experience is a zillion times more than yours. Perhaps you could tell us just exacttly what you have done in your life to think you are fit to comment on him and others. Does your boss tell you that you have to destroy the tories in thanet to secure victory for labour in the the euro elections? Is this part of the socialist plot to take over the world i.e. to show that you are the only ones who have any ideas and that everyone else is nowhere. Like the nazis?

Todd said...

Cllr. Mark Nottingtom thinks that everyone is daft... silly mistake on his part!

Ian Francis said...

Cllr. Mark Nottingham has gone so over the top - he is becoming a laughing stock and is being seen to be the bully that he accuses everyone else of being who happens to disagree with him.

Mark Nottingham,
(Inmature Labour councillor and Trainee Negative spin Doctor)

Anonymous said...

Jane, express your opinions without a) consigning those held by others to the rubbish bin, b) being rude, and c) shouting (in blogging terms) - then you might be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

I find it hard to see why you Tories are so apoplectic over anyone criticising you or attacking your appalling local leadership.

You are confident of winning the next County Council and General Elections, and almost certainly you will - Labour are deeply unpopular. You believe you are the party of choice locally, and probably for most voters in this traditionally Tory area, you are.

So why the frenetic attacks and insults on and towards those who oppose you? Why the resurrection of your propaganda blog - Thanet Life - which was taken down last year after claimed "attacks" on the blogmaster's family, and the claimed hostility all being too much? Why the campaign against a local Labour councillor?

I do wonder what worries you so? Perhaps the truth?

Anonymous said...

So, Ken, you pride yourself on being open and honest - compared to Mark Nottingham.

Will your leader and his deputy, Councillors Ezekiel and Latchford, resign after the Standards Committee findings? Do you think either or both should resign? Are there moves in your Party to eject them from their positions? Do you personally support them absolutely in their positions?

I am sure you will be happy to answer these questions.

Anonymous said...

They've done nothing wrong!
They are both gentleman and deserve to lead the council.

Ken Gregory said...

To avoid any confusion, Sandy and roger were elected by the majority group, they ARE our elected leaders, in April the group will have its AGM, there will be decided the leader for the next year. I will cast my vote as I see fit.

Anonymous said...

So, Ken, although we the taxpayers pay you - the term is "pay" not "allowances" - and you are where you are because some of those taxpayers voted for you, we are not entitled to answers from you about the Council's leadership. It may have been your Party's (Majority Group) vote, but these two (now discredited) individuals are Leader and Deputy Leader of the Council. That makes this a public, not simply a Party, issue, and I think the Party have a right to know what you and your fellow Councillors think.

Ken Gregory said...

Only Discredited in your eyes, in mine Mr Prescott and Mr Blair, and now Mr Brown, are all discredited, You have the right in 2011 to get rid of my group, untill then you must trust my decision making. I follow my parties rules, I would hope that that is a plus point. If you are in a club you abide by the rules. If not you leave. Hence my leaving the Labour Group. Be True unto yourself, and no one else.

Anonymous said...

what the big deal? - we need street wise leaders, not choir boys!

Anonymous said...

I think, Ken, that responding to comments about your local leadership's behaviour by simply avoiding the issue altogether and throwing dirt at others - however legitimate the target - shows a blind and unthinking loyalty that does you no credibility favours whatsoever.

You are saying that you have no problems with your leadership's discredited behaviour, and/or are not willing to comment on it publicly. This despite the fact that it is the public who elected you and the public who pay you. Party rules are clearly more important to you than serving the public.

Well I guess many will not be surprised.