Friday, 10 April 2009

Access to E Mails.

Just to advise that there seems to be some problem with access to Councillors emails at the TDC address. It has been reported and hopefully solved soon. (for those who are not aware, TDC members can access their council emails from home, but it does seem to rely upon some really 'clunky' procedures.Though maybe that is a penalty we pay for security)


Anonymous said...

And there's me thinking it's just that they can't be bothered to reply to their electorate.

Anonymous said...

15.12, has a valid point. I have heard that Cllr Bayford boasts that he never answers or reads his e-mails. Some Councillors are superb but too many are uncontactable via e-mail. No excuses really. Poor old Tom King visits Library to check his out. The rest should and could do better.

Anonymous said...

I have e-mailed my Tory councillors several times over issues in my area. Do they have the courtesy to reply? No, not once.

I have heard from others who have written to the same councillors. Any response? No.

I have also been told that they and others of the same political hue don't return phone calls/answerphone messages.

Now, Councillor Gregory don't tell me to contact you for results as you've posted in the past. I expect the councillors who represent me to reply/answer/return calls.

Is it arrogance/laziness/indifference?

We won't forget when the elections roll round in 2 years time.

Anonymous said...

You sound like one of them on the other side so no wonder they ignore you.

Anonymous said...

Councillors are elected to serve their ward and ALL its constituents not just those who may have voted for them.

I may be from the 'other side' but look to my representatives to deal with issues that affect the area. It's what they get an allowance for. I also expect them to put out informative newsletters, hold surgeries or at least make available information on how to contact them. If they don't others from different parties will.

Michael Child said...

As someone who does a fair amount of emailing councillors and council officers I have to say responses from Labour and Conservative councillors are about equal.

The way the council handles email leaves a great deal to be desired, they are inclined to delete email addresses out of hand so that in the middle of a dialogue with an officer or councillor one suddenly finds oneself cut off with no contact details.

If you look at Ken’s council email address you can see it has a dash in it changed a considerable expense from for no apparent reason if you put the wrong type of dash in it doesn’t work.

These are some of the email addresses that have recently been deleted leaving me high and dry there doesn’t seem to me to be any reason why the council had to change from all their email addresses being simply

I never feel confident that an email I have sent via an email address has been received and find the councillors that use their own private email addresses like Ken, Simon Moores, Alan Poole and David Green to be the ones that always reply to emails.

Frankly the councils IT handling leaves a great deal to be desired, for example it takes them about a week to get their own press releases onto their own website by which time they are out of date.

On one occasion I discovered that the council has a filter to remove emails containing images with a lot of flesh tones in them, that sort of waste of resources in a seaside area where people are often photographed in swimwear is truly mind boggling.

Anonymous said...

07:55 Iris - you are so transparent.

Anonymous said...

You right-wingers seem to be paranoid and pathetic in your constant attempts to claim the identity of certain anonymous commentators. Why not deal with the issues raised, rather than the presumed (invariably wrongly)identity of the person raising them?

Anonymous said...

Well said the last person to post.

I can guarantee that it wasn't Iris Johnston who posted complaining about Tory councillors who fail to respond and in any case, why the constant sniping just because someone, me, makes a valid point?

This is happening on several blogs and I suspect it's the same person each time.

ascu75 aka Don said...

As someone who is housebound I need the council website to be up to date so I can use its data amongst others to keep the church website and my blog relevant