Friday, 29 May 2009

Marx and Sparks (apologies to the IOTG)

Crikey, It appears that the 'Fire of the Gods' has been unleashed upon poor old Mark Nottingham's house. Unlucky or what? Especially as us poor mortals only know that he can be contacted C/o the Labour office in Newington Road.

Seems that he may have had a premonition though, as he left the Councils AGM on the Thursday early, perhaps to avoid the celestial being's SAT NAV.


Anonymous said...

To take a swipe at someone based on such misfortune is pathetic.

You tories really have no morals and no common decency.

Ken Gregory said...

No its not pathetic and its not a swipe. Speaking as one whose house was struck by lightning in 2004 I can assure you its no great deal unless someone is injured. I did not go to the press when it happened, I got on to the insurance company, got the TV and phone fixed, had the electrics checked, and put it down to one of life's experiences. It now makes an interesting conversational topic at dinner parties etc. Oh, and it was really spectacular to see it happen.

Anonymous said...

As you know Mark and family were on holiday and his parents were there house-sitting. I don't think, if you'd bothered to check, Mark went to the press. I think the story was picked up via the fire service and was given prominence as a result.

I still think it's a cheap swipe at him and does neither you nor your party any favours. You know perfectly well he isn't a candidate in the imminent elections so he would have had no need to seek publicity.

Ken Gregory said...

But his boss is standing in the euro elections, his party in both the Town and County elections. come on and smell the coffee, Its politics, if you can not deal with public attacks, do not join.