Friday, 16 October 2009

Should your Child start school at.........?

Report today says that children should start 'Real ' Education at 6, I started at 5, my daughters started at 4 my grandchildren started at 3. Why?

My view is that education (other than Home) should start around 4-5, and end between 14 and 18 (other than at Uni or college).

Of course some would say that the School leaving age should be 18, but the that would reduce the unemployment figures.


A real live person wrote this said...

Yes, it would reduce unemployment - what on earth is wrong with that? Are you suggesting you'd rather see young people hanging around with nothing to do and no prospects?

Peter Checksfield said...

I think it depends how good the parents are. I started school at 4 but I could already do basic reading, writing & maths (or "sums") by then as well as tell the time, & this was despite being brought up on a poor south London council estate...all thanks to my mum. So (ideally) education starts long before school.