Thursday, 21 January 2010

Disasters Emergency Committee

Just to let people know.... A collection was held yesterday at Thanet District Council's Planning Committee for the Haiti Earthquake Appeal. Members of the public, Officers of the council and Members contributed,

Result £119.. 20p donated to the Disasters Emergency Committee today at Margate post office>>> Thats what I call a result!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Well done all,, nice to see some 'Non inward looking' people in Thanet.

Shame most of the residents (and most of the 'small minded' bloggers choose to ignore the plight of those from 'other' countrys. Could it be that they are racist?

Bertie Biggles said...

Ken, firstly, well done in organising that collection; I assume that as Chair you were the mover of it.

16.43, your post is scurrilous and you are beyond contempt. A tragedy of the proportion that has affected Haiti has to be related in your petty little mind to Thanet Bloggers and the opportunity to suggest that they are racists? You do yourself a diservice and also the victims of this horrific tragedy. Shame on you.

Ken Gregory said...

Bertie, 1643 has a right to ask the question, you and I may not agree, but unless I find the comments are obviously actionable, or, as the host of this site, picking on one person, I will let it stand, if only to prove the counter argument.

ps thanks for the comment