Saturday, 6 February 2010


Those who know me will be aware that my interest in football was, and is , non existant.

However the story today that the England manager had sacked his captain, because of his personal position, is , in my opinion, at best, petty, and, at worst discrimination. What does the England Football Captain have to do? As far as I can see, play good football, and lead the team.

So why sack him? Interestingly, at the Council we have to comply with all sorts of acts to ensure inclusion of all. So why no women in the England football team? How many Eton educated players? How many Gay players? how many Bi Sexuals? How many players of non European status? How many people with physical disabilities?

Or is it another case of knee jerk reaction. ? Out of interest all of the above questions have been asked of me, on past job applications! Are the English football team exempt from the RDA, DDA, etc?

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