Saturday, 17 April 2010

Blogging Back

Hello all,

I'm Back, hacking sorted, now busilly composing a new post, but just to say, No I didn't watch the 'Great Debate'. I know who I will be voting for, so did not need to waste time watching the media justify their existence.


tony flaig bignews said...

No surprise to see how the conservative mind operates, blinkered and untroubled by reality.

Still it would be remarkable if a Tory councillor suddenly announced during a general election that they'd seen the error of their ways.

Richard Card said...

Welcome back Ken.

I listened to the debate. So far so good as I put my bets on the outcome of the election some time ago when the odds were better.

I have a punt on who will "Win" the second debate. I have gone for an outside shot there. Maybe a tad overconfident after my win on the first debate.

I have a punt on who will be next tory leader.

Ken Gregory said...

But Tony, since Roger Gale became my MP I have always voted for him, even as a member of the Labour Party, I vote for the person I think would best represent me, not on party political lines

Anonymous said...
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Ken Gregory said...

Do not care if it did, Its my vote, not the labour movement or anyone elses.

Ken Gregory said...

Ps the last comment refered to 1246, who asked if my voting for Roger Gale was against the rules of the labour party, but clearly forgot his/her manners and used a personal insult in the middle of a pretty vacuous comment