Thursday, 6 May 2010

Voted, Posted, But at least we did

Shame upon those who did not vote, praise upon those who did!

As I write I do not know the result, but whatever it was, only those who voted can whinge until next time.


Anonymous said...

I know you won't publish this - truth, factual accuracy and decency are not elements that you favour on your blog - but Westgate Councillor King has answered your, and Councillor Moores's scurrilous, dirty little attack on him. See Thanet Coast Life. You, and your little Tory chum, should now retract what you said and apologise. Many are watching.

Ken Gregory said...

Why should I either retract or apologise, I have a relative who stood as a UKIP candidate, but I most certainly not wear that parties rossette!

Ken Gregory said...

In addition, Simon M is not, to my knowledge, vertically challenged!