Tuesday, 22 June 2010


I took several pigs to the slaughter house today! No great deal, but I have a question?
Is that better than buying bacon in my local supermarket. The pigs in question had a good life, best of food, and gentle care. I know where they came from. how they were treated, and how they were transported. Your views are appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Nooooo, only views from those who support you are appreciated. Anything that constitutes a challenge or a criticism is not published, and you tell lies over the content, claiming that bad language or rudeness has been employed towards you. Might explain why your posts have just one or two comments attached to them - or more often than not none at all. Bit like your fellow Tory, "Doctor" Moores, eh?

Anonymous said...

Credit where credit is due; you have published a (note - politely worded) challenge.

Turning to the substance of your post, the majority view is clearly that it is better - for the environment and the farm animal - for slaughter to take place close to the farm. Sadly, in most countries, this is no longer happening, as there are fewer slaughter-houses.

The comparison with the supermarket, though, is surely more about how far the (dead) meat has travelled to appear on their shelves.

You are in the trade, Ken, so will know far better than I, but is it realistic - logistically or commercially - to expect the big supermarkets to source meat for local stores locally. That is, farm, slaughter, supermarket all in the same locale?

Peter Checksfield said...

A GOOD thing Ken, & I say that as a lapsed vegetarian! I find it very hypercritical that so many meat eaters don't like to face where it actually comes from (the public outcry a few months back over an animal raised by a school & then sent to slaughter springs to mind!).

Ken Gregory said...

It is perfectly easy for supermarkets to source local meat from local abbotoirs, but that would mean an extra 2/3 pence on a lb of meat... it seems the public are not prepared to pay! the will of the public is supreme.... me I, produce my own meat, or trade my pigs for other meat.