Saturday, 25 September 2010

Thanks Labour

They have done it, given the Tories 10 years in government!! Ed Milliband, The best weapon the Tories now have!!!


Anonymous said...

Would have to agree that this is a strange choice and one that highlights the limitations of the AV system. A majority of MPs and a majority of party members voted for David Milliband. He was in the lead on first, second and third runs but narrowly lost on the fourth.

This demonstrates how people get their alternative choice under the AV system and, worryingly in this case, how the unions still massively influence results in the Labour electoral college.

Seeing the manic leer, that passes for a grin, on the face of the Ginger Peer at the announcement must have sent Tories into europhoric delight at memories of 1992.

Anonymous said...

Ken I hope you will be following the progress of the Residential Landlords Assn petition and arguments to 10 Downing Street.

New Labours introduction of LHA paid direct to tenants of private landlords with an invitation to pocket two months rent and it wouldn't be a crime ?

It appears that new Labour thus generously gave benefits tenants between quarter and one billion pounds of landlord's money.

BUT once the thgieving beggars pocketed the rent money they had an income which was declarable to be deducted from their other benefits.

And although the landlords won't get the money the Exchequer can and should trace every claim of housing benefits paying direct after two months arrears accrued. And recover two months rent amount from each diddling claimant.

So over six years the Exchequer should claw in between a quarter and a billion pounds of stolen housing benefits. By recovering from benefits weekly at the fraud recovery rate.

Margaret Thatcher (I have the beer in ready for that 19th century liberal to pop its clogs by the way) did say the trouble with socialism is in the end they run out of other people's money. Well some of it was mine.