Friday, 11 February 2011

EGYPTIAN Democracy ?

I do not know enough about the system in Egypt to pass a valid comment, but as an outsider it seems that somewhat less than 7% of the population made a fuss and the President was forced into exile.

If this is true, what was the view of the other 93%?

It make me glad that Great Britain is a Democracy!..


Bluenote said...

Hardly a democracy in some respects, Ken. If you took union strike ballots for example, the actual percentage in favour normally represents a very small proportion of the total work force. The majority arises from the numbers of members polled yet this minority is able to disrupt the working of the larger majority. Democratic, I think not!

This minority then go further, set up pickets and shout scab at those going to work who had no say in the process.

Andrew said...

7% of the population - sounds like a local council election then

Ken Gregory said...

Actually Andrew Local Council elections run off at around 30% of the electorate