Wednesday, 22 June 2011


This is a copy of a letter I received today.... I am sorry, but I do not support the comments , and cannot understand the sentiments... But I can say that these people live in my ward, and I will continue to represent them in matters other than this!
A question I have to ask is '' Is this a Christian point of view'' .

I believe in a supreme being, but obviously not the same one as these folk!

To those who do not know these letters are quite regularly received by councillors, and so far, Most councillors treat them with the right amount of attention!


DrM. said...

Yes I got one too.. What can I say!!

Ken Gregory said...

Jon, Sorry deleted your comment in error. Agree with the point though

Anonymous said...

Despite it now being 2011, there is still a huge amount of intolerance in society - much of it driven by fundamentalist faith groups. Some people seem keen to move very freely and quickly from expressing a considered view and opinion in a measured way to expressing their thoughts hatefully, irrationally and sometimes violently.

I appreciate your stance, but some might say you are giving extra publicity to the "christian" contribution by reproducing the letter. A tough call, I know.

I am not sure what your other contributor is signalling with his comment. Does he also condemn the letter, or is he supporting it?

Anonymous said...

I think the point of the letter writer is that he is not very happy that his tax is being used in this way and I tend to agree.

To many 21st century 'modern' folk, this may come across as a bit fundamentalist, but there is a concerted effort by the powers that be to degrade the moral fabric of society. Such ploys was discussed and planned in 19th and early 20th century elitist think tanks, as a way to break up the family unit, reduce population numbers and thus more easily control society.

Promotion of homosexuality was one of the things discussed, the sexualisation of children was another, both of which are manifesting around us now.

If you have read Huxley's 'Brave New World', you will have an idea of where this is heading. Although I do not believe that the future 'they' have planned for us will be any where near as utopian as the one painted by Huxley.

As a side issue, the same think tanks came up with the devilishly cunning plan to bombard us a with an oestrogen mimmicking chemical, bisphenol-a, which is wreaking all kinds of havoc among male sexuality in the western world.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, the barmy army marches again. It is a shame that those who object to homosexuality - an entirely natural condition that religion cannot quite come to terms with - always link it with either child abuse or, here, the sexualisation of children. The intention is simply to make it appear distasteful and disgusting. I guess if your argument is weak, you will resort to whatever sordid tactics are close at hand.

I am surprised that your earlier contributor, DrM, has not clarified his position as I invited him to do. He offered his first comment very quickly, but unfortunately it raises more questions than it answers.

Anonymous said...

I have successfully clarified DrM's (Simon Moores's) comment and views over on his blog. I am glad to see that both you and he disagree with the views expressed, and the approach adopted, by this christian "group". I hope they have been made aware.

Not so Barmy said...

9:52, I don't object to homosexuality and I am most certainly not a homophobe, but does it need to promoted? With taxpayers money?

I do object to elitist funded social engineers manipulating us, poisoning us and sterilising us.

I feel sorry for those who are so brainwashed that they refuse to see the harm that is being wrought upon humanity by these elitist lunatics.

If you can read words of more than two syllables, I suggest you click my name to find out what I mean about BPA.

Anonymous said...

I think your link says it all, Not So Barmy. I don't believe that pressing for equal rights and treatment for LGBT individuals - just the same as for non-whites, women, the disabled and so on - is "brainwashing". Thanks to the last Labour Government, most of those provisions - for the LGBT community - are in place, but the need to educate and inform society at large remains. That is the purpose of Pride. There will always be arguments - quite rightly - about what should and should not attract public funding, but across the various groups that make up our society, my own view is that some money can and should be spent on these sorts of socially responsible activities.