Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Community Engagement

Attended the neighbourhood engagement meeting at Garlinge Primary School this evening. Good to hear that the crime levels are falling across north Thanet.
Sad to hear all the political sniping going on from some of the Birchington delegates!!!!

These meetings are supposed to be constructive, and IMHO they are being hijacked by folk who should know better. People attend because they want to get results for problems that affect them, not to hear some, who have, what appears to be little grey matter, spend the time bleating about who did not do what. ( and in case you are wondering..No no one had a go at me).

We have loads of people who are doing good work in our communities... lets support them!


Anonymous said...

Nothing like a good turncoat event to bring the visceral side of the Tory nature out into the open. Clearly you are copying your little friend in Westgate once again. Do you have original thoughts of your own - ever? Of course with your personal expertise of turncoating, this must all be stoking warm memories for you.

Ken Gregory said...

Hello little 'Troll' bit like having a 'gremlin' about, never mind, they get their just deserts!