Saturday, 19 May 2012

Just who has who in Hand?

Interesting times indeed, Tiggywinkles blog site vanishes.... Tiggywinkles get all the positions of power..... Tiggywinkles accuse me as a 'Turncoat' !

In 2004 I left the Labour Party to join the Conservative Party... Since then I have stood as a Conservative Twice...and won!  It is the people who decided!

Lets get down to facts, between the three of them , Tiggywinkles have been elected for one party, and left to join another.....but not just once..... In fact, between them they clock up a massive 11 parties over the last 14 years!!!    So who are the the real 'Turncoats' ?????


Anonymous said...

your rather touchy Ken best calm down in case your say something you might regret

Ken Gregory said...

Hello again! Spelling not improved then!