Wednesday, 20 November 2013

As Councillors we are obliged to abide by the Council's Constitution. We all sign up to that when we join.
Last evening one member broke the rules of that Constitution. As a result the meeting had to be rescheduled.
This involved a cost (financial) to the people of the Councillors who wasted their time...and to the staff who had their lives put on hold without need! (oh and of course the Public and Press, who turned up without need).

The place to change the rules is at the Annual Meeting of the Council! Until changed those rules should be followed. (If you want the right to talk on your mobile without 'hands free' Get Parliament to change the not ignore the rule because you do not like it).
If you do not agree with the rules.....try to change them...or leave the 'Club'!


John Hamilton - talking sense and cutting through bullshit said...

Well said!

Barry James said...

Ken agree all Councillors should both be respectful to the Council and of course respectful to each other.
Problem is as the report highlights there are no meaningful sanctions.
In your opinion what should the sanctions be?

Anonymous said...

No Ken it didn't have to be rescheduled. Your leader had only just made a public statement that filming should be allowed. Instead of ignoring Driver, your chairman gave him another platform. Really clever.

Bemused of Birchington said...

Then the rule book should be thrown at him. The problem is that this character would throw it straight back.

Ken Gregory said...

John, Thanks for that..Bemused, I agree, Barry, If the Constitution is ignored perhaps a sanction in line with Parliament's procedures could be adopted?. 1521, you do not need to give that member a platform...he will make his own!!!!