Sunday, 16 March 2008

Local Youth

Today I became a victim of our local 'YOOF'

Driving along I was startled to be 'distracted' by a lump of 'Something' appearing on my windscreen.

Suddenly I associated this with the two 10 year olds on the pavement with a catapult type instrument.

Upon giving chase I saw two local kids busy wetting themselves because someone had caught them.

Upon speaking to their parents, I was pleased to see that they were going to get some parental discipline.

Should more of us be confronting these minor indiscretions, thus stopping greater problems in the future


James Maskell said...

"they were going to get some parental discipline".

Doubt it very much Cllr Gregory.

As you might have heard, confronting minor indiscrections can sometimes lead to you getting your head kicked in...literally.

Ken Gregory said...

James, you should have more faith. I was contacted by said parents who tell me that the kids involved have been 'Grounded' for a fortnight.

As for getting my head kicked in, The fear of that will not stop me intervening in somthing I see as wrong. ps, at 16 stone, and 6'2" I think I could probably cope with a bit of 'aggro'

Rick said...


We all have a duty to maintain the Peace. (Queens Peace)

Well done Ken.

My oldest daughter took immediate action in Crewe some months ago.

Her husband had gone into a shop and she was outside with her daughter in a push chair.

When flop. A "Chav" spat and the glob landed on the pushchair and grandaughter shoe.

So daughter went to sho door and called for husband to mind the pram.

He had no idea of why but chose to obey.

Then 5 foot four inch daughter went after the Chavs. (I should mention that learning dog grooming in her school hols aged 14 she could lift St Bernards or Newfoundlands in and out of the bath on her own so she can be a right handful in a scrap)

The Chavs gave her a load of lip but the Crewe older generation begain to applaud the verbal advice she was offering.

The Chav lads became a little aggressive. So daughter said I wqill fight the girls and you go talk to my husband over there.

I am 18 stone 2 and the son in law dwarfs me. The Chavs looked across at the family Stone Cold Steve Austin lookie likie and suddenly became model citizens.

They all walked off in good order and she goes back to hubby. He asks "What was all that about"

"Don't worry you did your bit"

Applause from the older locals.

It seems to be a family trait. A social worker in the 60s spat on my dad's ambulance station forecourt and refused to clean up the globule. So dad dropped him and dragged him back and forth through it.

The social worker reported him for assault (nil action) and to the medical officer of health. He called the old fella in and said "I take a very dim view of this am I to understand we are giving you so little work on the ambulance you have resorted to creating your own casualties ?"

Job done. No one spat on the ambulance station forecourt again.

But the social services got a memo about the dangers of cross infection and to moderate their loathsome behaviour in future.

Rick said...

Now might be opportune to mention "Reasonable force"

This is a doctrine attaching to the making of an arrest. IE The person making the arrest has either chosen to do so or been charged with a duty to do so. Reasonable force is the minimum harm to affect arrest.

The politicall correct and govt (same gang) would have us believe that the doctrine of reasonable force applies to self defence. The doctrine here is minimum force. The choice aspect rests with the assailant (not the intended arrester) and the arbiter is minimum damage to the victim (as opposed in arrest minimum damage to the accused). The force consistent with minimum harm to yourself.

Better answer to twelve than be carried by six.

Ken was in a position of reasonable force because he pursued.

Well done.