Thursday, 20 March 2008

Planning Committee

A sudden outbreak of unity seemed to happen at Planning last evening, Lots of good debate, and common sense.

Seriously, the Planning Department at Thanet has been slated for being slow and unresponsive in the past, now the figures finally prove that it is quick and dealing with more applications than anywhere else in Kent (I think).

A new staff structure should speed things up even more, and if members continue to behave as they did last night, I think we will have something to be proud of.

Of course , in any planning matter there will be someone who is unhappy, but I do feel, that in Thanet, a fair hearing is available.


Michael Child said...

Ken talking to the various government agencies that I do, I have become aware that TDC planning is generally thought to be improving and much more responsive than it was.

Ken I know that this is my old chestnut but what is happening with the Pleasurama development, I know that there have been considerable changes to the plans recently to allow room for cliff maintenance. I also know that my concerns about the base line only being half a meter above the highest tide line are being taken more seriously than they were. I haven’t heard anything about emergency escapes onto the cliff top that the environment agency suggested would be necessary last year.

If you look at the plans for the Turner contemporary, to be built on a similar site, you will see all of the things I have mentioned about Pleasurama have been thoroughly examined and satisfactorily resolved.

Despite having been promised plans for a year by various planning officers, that show the revisions that I have talked about I have never received them, nor have they appeared on the UK planning website.

I know there are limitations as to what you can say being on the planning committee, but there does seem to be a considerable lack of public involvement and lack of information about what is after all a much bigger project than the Turner Contemporary.

fred said...

Hooray! I notice the committee minutes library website is now up to date as well. So its a chance to find out what was decided at the Feb'08 planning meeting.

I wonder if TDC have served that section 48 repairs notice on "the owner of Granville Marina" [sic] yet? (See minute R249)