Wednesday, 2 April 2008

New residents to the UK

So our illustrious leader (Gordon B) says that he does not favour limiting access to immigrants to the uk! (source today's Times newspaper)

Come on then , what are your views?


Tony Beachcomber said...

Ken, I thought access is already limited to migrants and the arguement is over numbers.

Rick said...


I think the British have an innate distaste for blame victim theories. Thank God.

Most of us, I think, consider that we have a surfeit of home grown idle welfare spongers. And that, instead of sorting them out, we are admitting immigrants to take the lower paid unskilled work.

I work to the idea I judge by what I see.

In BLackpool a couple of years ago my wife and I viewed a 16 bedroom hotel with a view to a dooey up ... en suite, modern fire precautions. But the Manchester copper who appeared to be the freeholder did not want to part with the freehold even though his helpful Blackpool colleagues tended to tip squatters out of the derelict hotel for him !

Next door was a 16 bed hotel bought leasehold (aboput 30,000) by 16 young Polish lads. They had worked NMW saved clubbed together and bought a leasehold hotel as a hostel for themselves.

Then they had done it up.

Opposite was a freehold hotel owned by an ex Oxford car worker (Leyland ?). The ex Oxford couple told us they were full of admiration for the Poles.

So having cut their accommodation costs by buyiong a leasehold hotel they had done that one up and had saved and bought a 32 bed leasehold hotel (the other end of the three hotel block).

We watched those Poles working on the 32 bed hotel.

One outside with a chainsaw. Out came old furniture etc. Cut up. Cage back waste disposal lorry arrives Poles load it like lightninmg (no fly tipping). No sooner is the waste disposal gone than deliveries start. Builders merchants, furniture for some rooms they had already done.

Site management like clockwork. And these lads worked as NMW sandwich makers etc.

If I could have got the freehold I would have loved them as neighbours. Bit of money in the hand and first class really strong, skilful really work ethiced young men ... right next door.

Luvvly jubbly.

Oddly enough the recent TV documentary about Polish squash pickers in the Fens ... the local unemployed did not want the work and were not physically capable of it. Local worker said good luck to the Poles they work hard pay their taxes.

The British will always be fundamentally fair minded. We know who the dole scrounging dropkicks are (Immigrants and home produced). We know who the politically correct, human rights jabber jabber social indoctrination and experimentation people are. Ms Chickenbalti and Co. And Mickey Mouse QC.

I think most people think the country will work its way through the multicultural experiment and political correctness nanny state madness. And that one day normal service will be resumed.

In the meantime yes close the borders now.

Since I gave the Poles a gee up I better mention the Caribbeans. If like me you enjoy allotm,ent gardening but maybe not with total success ... then be friends with yer neighbourly West Indian allotmenteers. They always share their produce with you !!

Great guys. Lenny Henry reckons that Southern Irish are white West Indians. I think West Indians are black Southern Irish. Our local allotmenteering West Indian has extended the Lenny henry racial theory to explanation of why Guiness is black. Apparently it is the Irish trying to restore their colour from the inside.

We get along better without any input from Blair, Chickenbalti and Co.

It will work out.

Rick said...


You are a damned good man.

But I despair, at times, of my attempts to enlighten you.

Around 1917 the Law Lords made a gaff.

By the end of WW2 we had lost sight of our Common Law, Common Sense, Common Humanity and Common Decency Common Way of Life.

Having lost our way we then got postwar immigration. Arriving in a Rome that had forgotten what Romans do.

Hence the confusion resulting in quite a swathe of the population taking "Liberty" (Ms CHakrabarti and Co), Race Relations etc seriously.

A sad state of affairs.

"Community" was a concept of social theory. And a useful concept to promote for those public sector and charity parasites who climbed on the Human Rights bandwagon.

Guess what. There isn't really a "Black Community" or an "ASian Community" or a "Gay community". These are myths represented as reality by the social experimenters.

Who have quietly reported to Blair that the multicultural "experiment" failed.

Blair ( a man of narrow experience and poor judgement) seems to have been easily persuaded that what we need now is the "Intercultural experiment".

Sociology Tony. Exponential growth.

A parasite gets a qualoification in sociology. What can they do. Teach the useless subject and propagate more useless public fimnance dependent people. Then what can they do ? Teach .....

So you end up with a society of social theorists. (red hot issue the word "Gippo" or the "N" word discuss at length)

And with a shortage of expertise.

This is the process by which, for example, we have French decommissioning Dounreay. We cannot do it.

We have more trained counsellors than we have members of the British Army.

Education, as said the Romans of the Brits, is part of their servitude.

Nowadays education is part of the increasing public sector parasitism and expertise shortages ... making us increasingly dependent on foreign expertise.

However we have educated people into self esteem. They would rather draw dole than demean themselves working in a care home or picking fruit or cleaning.

I think that is enough for now.

The Ruskin influence cannot be cured going cold turkey.

Rick said...


Knowing that I submitted a case, against UK in European Court of Human Rights, you may feel that my condemnation of the human rights industry in UK is hypocritical.

However it was the man Winston Churchill who set up the ECHR to prevent the atrocities in Europe recurring.

Winston also warned us to beware (esp of Labour) making our police into a Gestapo.

Having correctly foreseen the problem, the European germanic disease afflicting our police, it was common sense to seek to use the remedy Winston had the foresight to put in place for us.

Article 6 fails to extend the rights of fair trial to inquests. Bit of a frap up. A latter day Hitler would only have to record six million misadventure verdicts to leave the ECHR without jurisdiction.

The ECHR had no jurisdiction to overturn the Gibraltar inquest verdict re the three IRA shot dead by our SAS. But a case against UK govt was submitted using "Non judicial execution" and this (IRA) case was supported by two English charities.

One of whom not so much later turned up with a free barrister on a Margate Police custody death case.

Any bells ringing Tony ?

Rick said...

And now for an ENGLISH concept.

It matters not whether the dissident is right or whether the dissident is wrong.

But it is essential to the existence of the Realm that the dissident, especially of the higher degree, is dissident.

When such principles are weakened (by multiculturalism or mass immigration etc) we are in trouble.

How we going so far Beachcomber ?

Tony Beachcomber said...

Pretty good on the Charities and the Barrister and thorough as ever.

But I am still sticking with multi culturism.

Funny enough my son was on to me about the same thing earlier this week until I reminded him he was 25% german and his great grandfather worked for Albert Speer.