Friday, 23 May 2008

Crewe & Nantwich

To quote John Prescott, in May 1997, '' I've been told its unwise to gloat, well s*d it, I'm going to ''


Anonymous said...

Well, Ken, if the Tories get back in nationally and cock it up as they did before - and as you are doing in Thanet - you'll have your turn (again) at the other end of the telescope. The lot of the politician.

Anonymous said...

At least Ken puts his name to his posts.

15:59 anonymous
Don't worry, labour might make a come back in 18 years time.
Shame the millions are wrong and not as wise as you are. Whoever you are? Mr Foot ?

Liam, Ramsgate

Anonymous said...

"Liam", I have not even suggested I am right and others are wrong. Labour are clearly deeply unpopular and may well be ousted at the next General Election. I have simply reminded Ken of a bit of history. What goes around comes around.

Of course, Ken may have changed his political coat again by then, who knows.

Percy, Broadstairs - does that make me any less anonymous?

Ken Gregory said...

Percy, I changed my political coat for two basic reasons that I have quoted before.

1. I felt that the local labour party, with one or two exceptions, were opposing the majority groups actions for the sake of opposing rather than for sound reasons for the good of Thanet.

2. I could see the resurgance (is that how you spell it?) of 'Old Labour' and the rise of Mr Brown. My concerns are for the good of Thanet and the good of Great Britain, and , in my view, they are best served by the conservative party, both Nationally and Locally.

Anonymous said...

My hat comes off to Ken, for not being afraid to do the right thing.

The Labour party that we knew no longer exists.

When good men do nothing, thats when we need to worry.

I also agree with Liam.
It appears to me that "Percy" is more interested in making personal attacks on others than facing the fact that the Conservative Party is not the same party he remembers it to be.

Many 1000's of former Labour supporters are now joining David Cameron's Conservative Party.

If we all had Percy's outlook on life, nothing would change for the better.

Dr.David Walton

Anonymous said...

The Tories have a history in Thanet, of standing for election. It seems some things never change.

amonymous labour councillor Ramsgate

Anonymous said...

No question of personal attacks, "'Dr' Walton"; you're being over-sensitive.

Firstly, I see nothing in the pronouncements or expressed views, opinions and policy stances of our two most local Conservative MPs - Roger Gale and Julian Brazier - to suggest any change whatsoever. Perhaps you could enlighten me as to how and where their views have changed since David Cameron came into office. Until you can, please allow me to be sceptical about the "newness" of the Conservative Party.

On the subject of those who "cross the floor", I would expect to see some reference to the policies that the individual once supported and now does not. That appears to be absent from most of their explanations - whether they go from right to left or vice versa, and whether they are nationally or locally focussed. It is absent from Ken Gregory's.

I think fresh thinking in politics is good - wherever it happens - but it needs to be genuine. Ken clearly thinks that the fresh thinking apparent in the Labour Party 11 years ago was "false". I suspect the same of the Conservatives' current position. Whatever, the fate that befell the Conservatives over a decade ago - and which may well bash Labour - will come again to the Conservatives in the future. As I said before, it is the lot of the politician.

Anonymous said...

Ref 25 May 2008 14:39
Your views is extreme


Anonymous said...
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Ken Gregory said...

Anon 2000hrs,

Ok your views are yours, but please do not take up web space by repeating across threads. I will delate one

Anonymous said...

What does repeating across threads mean?

Ken Gregory said...

Anon 2000hr had posted the same comment on multiple blogs on this site, only the one was needed or relevant.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.11 says that "Tories have a history in Thanet of standing for election". What?