Thursday, 19 June 2008

Its all Carp!!

Okay I may be a carp speller, but I watched 3 people today, in my home village, and 2 in the village I represent, letting their dogs do the business and leaving it steaming on the street.

Next time i will have the camera ready.

More importantly, these are mostly our residents, the same ones who pay council tax, and complain when it goes up. (because its costs more money to clean dirtier streets!)

If I were a pessimist I would be really worried


Rick said...


I agree.

Pooper scoopers are easy and clean to use (but you can carry wet wipes use one on the pavement after the initial clean up. One on your hands and tie them all in the pooper scoop bag. Jobbie done.

I have written what my late dad did in in the 60s.

We lived at the ambulance station and welfare clinic. A social; worker spat on the ambulance forecourt and the old fella chinnned him as soon as he refused to clean it up.

And the corgi breeder whose pack used to carp in unison at the antenatal clinic entrance. He got a smack and the carp in his pockets and the rest through his letter box later.

You are a big lad. Do what the old man did. Give em a dig.

Only nowadays see you in Court ? Because the police don't understand discretion.

Anonymous said...

hre is the solution also available in blue

Don't leave it unattended there

Spray it blue Ken if you dare